The Boris effect! Johnson boosts Tory support more than any previous leader – shock poll

Posted on Jul 30 2019 - 9:01pm by admin

Mr Johnson won the Tory leadership race just last week but his party has already begun polling at 29.8 percent rating in four different opinion polls. This marks a 5.5 percent increase in polls conducted before he took office. The only other Prime Minister who has managed such a huge feat is Tony Blair, according to data from Pollsters.

Mr Blair took the Labour Party up 11.8 percent in 1997 after his landslide election victory, from 47 percent to 58.8 percent.

None of Mr Johnson’s Tory predecessors have managed his 5.5 percent boost for the Conservatives.

This includes Theresa May, who managed a 3.5 percent increase, as well as David Cameron at 2 percent.

John Major added a meagre 0.5 percent boost, while Margaret Thatcher actually went down by 3 percent.

This should surely be received warmly by the rest of the Tory Party after it took a battering in May’s EU Parliament elections. The Conservatives finished dismally in fifth place.

Mr Johnson will face his first electoral challenge as Prime Minister when voters take to the polls for the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election this Thursday.

There is some pressure as the Prime Minister faces having his Tory-DUP majority cut to just one if the Lib Dems win the seat.

Mr Johnson has urged supporters of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party to vote for the Tories iinstead ahead of his visit there today.

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