‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Arie Proposes To [SPOILER] After Falling In Love With Both Women

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 10:52am by admin

Di Arie pick Becca or Lauren on ‘The Bachelor’!? Keep up with everything that went down in the season 22 finale with our recap right here!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is down to just two girls, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham, on the season finale of The Bachelor, and by the end of the March 5 episode, he’ll have to pick just one! The episode kicks off with Arie and the women heading to Peru, where they’re joined by his family, so the Luyendyk’s can meet Becca and Lauren for the first time. Arie admittedly has no idea what he’s going to do when he arrives, especially since he told BOTH women he loves them, and is hoping his family can give him some guidance.

Lauren meets the family first, and is visibly nervous. Arie reveals his frustration over having to constantly reassure Lauren that he wants to be with her, and some family members help him come to the realization that maybe their relationship isn’t as open as he thought. Meanwhile, Lauren breaks down in tears over the fear of losing Arie while discussing their journey with his mother. By the end of the day, Arie’s family definitely seems to approve of Lauren, and they notice the obvious chemistry between the two.

Since the family loved Lauren so much, Becca has a lot to prove. Still, she has a natural ease with the family, and has an easygoing conversation with Arie’s mother about the future she wants with Arie. Becca’s confidence is definitely important to both Arie and his family, which is something that Lauren lacks. However, Becca’s struck down a bit when Arie’s dad tells her he would be happy if his son ended up with either woman, and she admits that knowing Lauren is still around “scares the s***” out of her.

For Arie, it comes down to this: Things make more sense with Becca, but he has an “undeniable” love with Lauren. The family agrees that Becca is more the right fit for Arie’s personality. Going into his final date with Lauren, Arie is fairly confident that Becca is the one for him, but he needs these final dates for clarity. He and Lauren take a private train to Machu Picchu, and take a romantic stroll through the mountains. Lauren tells Arie that she feels much more comfortable with their relationship after meeting his family. Her newfound confidence is a step in the right direction for Arie, making his decision that much more unclear.

During the nighttime portion of their date, Lauren finally opens up to Arie about why she loves him so much — it’s truly the most we’ve seen her talk all season. She finally lets her guard down and confidently admits she’s ready to spend her life with Arie. Their conversation turns to the future, how their lives will be after the show, and even the subject of kids. By the end of the night, Lauren seems 100% certain that Arie will pick her.

Becca and Arie’s date starts off very easygoing, and although he goes into the day with Lauren on his mind, Arie is quickly reminded about why he fell for Becca so quickly. But Becca admits she’s nervous about whether or not Arie is just saying the same things to Lauren that he’s been saying to her. Arie reveals that he is conflicted, but he cannot give Becca any reason as to why he may feel unsure about their relationship. By the end of the evening, Becca is still nervous, but is confident that she and Arie are on the same page.

Finally, it’s time for the final rose ceremony, but first, Arie picks out a massive, cushion-cut engagement ring with help from Neil Lane. The first woman out of the car is Lauren, and anyone who’s watched the show before knows she’s about to get her heart broken. Lauren spills her heart out one last time, but it’s too little too late. Arie lets her know that something is still holding him back from committing to her, and Lauren is left absolutely crushed. She goes out with her head held high, wishing him the best, with nothing left to say.

Becca shows up next and professes her love to Arie, and this time, he does the same back. He follows up the romantic declaration by getting down on one knee and presenting Becca with the gorgeous ring. Of course, she happily accepts his engagement proposal.

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