‘The Arrangement’ Recap: Megan & Xavier Film A Sexy Love Scene — & Kyle Directs It

Posted on Apr 2 2018 - 10:02am by admin

Megan and Xavier got hot and heavy on set — with Kyle watching — on the April 1 episode of ‘The Arrangement.’ Plus, DeAnn and Terence made a major decision.

The Kill Plan premiere has arrived, and Kyle’s not psyched about it. He’s got other things on his mind, especially Technicolor Highway. He puts on one hell of a show on the red carpet just to get it over with. It’s also a little awkward that this is the movie Megan was supposed to star in. Later, Megan gets a tiny win when Terence tells her, “You should have been in this role.” Damn right she should have!

At the party, Megan finds DeAnn crying. She opens up about Mason’s death a little bit, without giving too much away. The critical reception about The Kill Plan is not good. Despite this, Kyle wants to promote the hell out of it to hopefully cut a profit. DeAnn wants Kyle to focus on directing and leave The Kill Plan behind.

Terence and Shaun discuss new plans for the Institute. Terence wants to make it voluntary to take your clothes off during a seminar. Well, that’s certainly a major change! Meanwhile, Megan reveals she wants to talk to former BFF Hope. She admits to Shaun that Terence is in her head. She needs a win. She wants to talk to people who have had bad experiences at the Institute.

DeAnn goes to Mason’s funeral and meets her son, Wes, played by Glee alum Jacob Artist. She tells him to come to her if he ever needs anything.

Megan tries to get Kyle to open up about his feelings regarding The Kill Plan. Instead of embracing his feelings, Kyle snaps at her. The pressure is mounting. When will Kyle finally crack?

Love-Making Sessions

Terence and DeAnn have a heart-to-heart about their marriage. “I love you, Deann. I don’t say it enough,” he tells her. He wants another shot at saving their marriage and start a family. They end their night with a steamy love-making session.

Megan meets up with Hope to try and talk to people with bad experiences with the Institute. Turns out, Hope lied to Megan. The person they were supposed to meet backed out. She just wanted to spend time with Megan. She misses their friendship.

At the next seminar, Shaun strips naked for Terence and other IHMers. He makes her dig deep and reveal her true feelings. She admits that her parents’ divorce broke her. They made her choose between them, and she’s never been the same since.

The next day, Wes shows up to set and tries to kiss DeAnn. She’s completely caught off guard, that’s for sure. Megan and Xavier begin film their sex scene with Kyle directing it. It’s so awkward at first. Then Kyle really gets into it and gets up close and personal with his co-stars to make sure the scene is as intimate as possible.

‘I’ve Got Stories’

Megan starts to think that Terence may have been right about getting closure with her dad. Ever since she exposed her true fears, she hasn’t had any pain in her stomach. Kyle tells her not to believe everything Terence says. She needs to believe him and only him.

DeAnn goes to Terence to give him some exciting news — she wants to try for a baby as well. Terence brings Shaun in to his office to show him photos of Megan meeting with Hope. Shaun plays dumb. DeAnn gets Wes a set job, but makes him promise not to kiss her again.

Shaun confronts Megan about Hope. Megan immediately thinks Shaun is choosing IHM and Terence over her. Shaun says that’s not the case. “I’m choosing me,” she says to Megan. BOOM.

In a shocking twist of events, the person Hope and Megan were supposed to meet up with is actually Kyle’s assistant, Zach. He pulls Megan into her trailer to reveal the truth. “I’ve got stories that will make your blood run cold,” he says. Megan senses she’s being played so she acts like she has no idea what he’s talking about. Oh, boy. Things just got REALLY interesting.

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