The Apprentice: Michaela Wain tragically reveals she had 15 miscarriages and a near-fatal cancer scare as she exclusively opens up about ‘hell’ ordeal – EXCLUSIVE

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The Apprentice Series 13 contestantsMichaela Wain has opened up about her tragic year [BBC]

The red-haired businesswoman has definitely made an impact on the hit BBC show – but outside of the Lord Alan Sugar lead series, Michaela has encountered incredibly difficult situations in her personal life.

The 33 year old has exclusively opened up about her fertility struggles, leading her to suffer 15 miscarriages – six before finally managing to welcome a child. 

Speaking exclusively to OK! Online, Michaela spoke out about the birth of her one son, Harrison, who has just turned eight years old – who she dubs her “miracle child”.

Michaela Wain said she has a 'wonky nose'Michaela Wain has opened up about her life [Michaela Wain/Instagram]

“I don’t find it difficult to get pregnant, but I’ve had 15 miscarriages in total,” she admitted. “I had six labours before I had Harrison, and they were giving me medicine to try and slow them down. So when he arrived, it was such a blessing.

“I’ve had six miscarriages before Harrison and the rest after. I was always hopeful I could get pregnant again after him – my mum kept saying that ‘your body has done it once, it can happen again’ – but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be again. At some point, I’ll try again.”

Michaela tried and failed to get on The Apprentice last season, and used the opportunity to try and work on starting a family with her then partner. 

The Apprentice: Michaela Wain with her funky glassesThe Apprentice: Michaela Wain has one child  [BBC]

But what she encountered at the health clinic was nothing she ever could have expected.

“With my ex-partner, we discussed going through a surrogate – a lot of my friends had offered to do it for us, but others advised that maybe IVF might work,” she said. “So, we went and did the tests.

“That first test, I had a smear test – and it came up that I had per-cancerous cells. That was a hell year.”

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She continued: “The doctors said they thought it was either stage one or stage two, so asked me to come in and see how developed it was. But when I went, they told me it was stage three – and could turn cancerous within six weeks or six months. We had to operate that week.”

Michaela thankfully got the all clear in November – but says if she made it on to the show last year, it would have developed into cancer.

“If I would have gone on the show the year before, that would have been the case,” she added. “But I thought – it’s been such a s**t year last year, I’m going to try again.” 

Positively, she added: “I got the all clear that it hadn’t come back in November. And after trying my luck again, I got on to The Apprentice. As heartbreaking and scary as all of these experiences have been, they have helped shaped me into the person I am today and have made me stronger. I am a firm believer in fate.

“They have given me the drive to make me think I can conquer my fears. As for more children, I am not at the place in my current relationship at the moment, but I really hope that one day Harrison will have a little brother or sister.”

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