“The adventures of Lola and Chuchu”: Watch episode 3 of Nigerian animated series

Posted on Oct 14 2017 - 1:46pm by admin

Anthill Studios has released the third episode of its 13-episode animated series, “Adventures of Lola and Chuchu.

In episode two titled “Out of this World,” Lola and Chuchu are hot on Chubak’s heels. What happens when they find him? One Maamu spirit was rescued.

In the last episode, Lola and Chuchu were in a new land with a mission to help restore balance to Maamu land by rescuing 13 Maamu spirits.

play Ates Brown as the voice behind Chuchu


“Adventures of Lola and Chuchu” is an adventure series produced by Anthill studios, which produced “Plaything,” a 3D animation that went viral in 2016. It is owned by Nigerian filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan.

The series is a dream come true for Akinmolayan, Eri Umusu and Godwin Akpan: three friends who always wanted to make animated films for kids.

play Jedidah Yakubu as the voice behind Lola (Instagram/NiyiAkinmolayan)


The series features Ates Brown as the voice behind Chuchu, and Jedidah Yakubu as the voice behind Lola.

New episode of “Adventures of Lola and Chuchu” debuts every Saturday.

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