“The Adventurer”: Everything you need to know about Jim Iyke's new reality TV show

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Jim Iyke has described his new reality TV series “The Adventurer” as a fresh perspective to TV, which people should angle for.

“The Adventure” is about human endurance of different kind, which takes its contestants on a journey for rejuvenation of perspectives.

“Basically, we take people from different diverse backgrounds and just pose their ideas and perspectives together,” Jim Iyke said during an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

“In that effort, we hope that we force some sort of conversations that our country hasn’t started to lead. At the end of the day, a new narrative, hopefully, will be forced out of them.”

“They will begin to see why a man in the North lives the way he lives and why his ideas on religion are obviously lopsided. They will see why for instance, the focus of the man in the East is why he should make money. They will understand why the man in the middle Belt feels disenfranchised from the man in the North.”

play Jim Iyke’s new reality show is called “The Adventurer”


The actor, who made his reality TV debut in 2013 with Jim Iyke Unscripted, hopes that by the end of “The Adventurer,” the competitors will emerge as better persons – a narrative he hopes would stretch to their immediate family, the immediate space, and consequently, the nation as a whole.

He hates to describe it as a reality show. For him, it is a lifestyle and life coach journey.

“It’s a life coach journey. We teach you how to fish and not just give you fish. We revamp your lifestyle and psychic by asking you who you are as an adventurer from the beginning, and at the end, after you have been through our mentorship, we ask you again who you are as an adventurer.

“It’s a kind of fresh perspective to TV that we all should be angling. It is quite refreshing. What we key into is the novelty of our concept.”

Jim Iyke, the fashion godplay

Jim Iyke, the fashion god

(Instagram/Jim Iyke)


“We are hoping that over 200, 000 people would start this journey with us. We have 30,000 people already playing this game.”

The contestants would be narrowed down to 50 qualified people who will go into the boot camps located in Kaduna and Abuja.

The final 16 will travel to exotic parts of the world including Cape Town, Australia and Dubai.

There would be three seasons of the reality show every year. The first season is for Cape Town in South Africa.

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