Thailand Cave Rescue: 1st Hospital Video Shows Boys In Seemingly Good Spirits After Evacuation

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 11:46pm by admin

The boys who were heroically rescued from the cave in Thailand appeared to be in good moods in the first video from the hospital. They can also be seen waving at their parents in a sweet reunion.

Now that all 12 soccer players and their coach have been rescued from a cave in northern Thailand, the boys were able to have a reunion of sorts with their parents. Donning hospital gowns and masks, the freed kids, aged 11 to 16, appeared to be in high spirits in the hospital as they waved to their family members through protective glass.

The boys weren’t able to come face to face with their loved ones as doctors are still worried about their health. The family members were denied entry to the room where the boys are being treated in order to avoid infection, Dr. Chaiyawej Thanapaisarn said, according to CNN. The doctor added that three of the boys were being treated for minor cases of pneumonia, but predicted that most of them would be discharged after about a week. “The recovery process should take around 30 days after they are discharged,” he told the news outlet.

The Wild Board soccer team were transported to the hospital after being saved earlier this week. The team and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave for nearly three weeks before an international rescue effort was able to extract all of them. The complicated rescue lasted three days with the the last boy and his coach being saved on July 10. The team became trapped on June 23 when rising flood water blocked them in deep inside of the cave. When the children initially went missing, their parents started a vigil outside the cave, which they maintained during the complex rescue operation. We’re so happy to see the boys reunited with their loved ones!

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