Texas Teen Cheerleader Murdered: Suspect, 19, Bought Hatchet & Handcuffs Days Before Killing

Posted on Oct 12 2017 - 3:41am by admin

Was he planning on dismembering her body? The suspect in the shooting death of a 14-year-old Texas cheerleader reportedly bought a hatchet, handcuffs and an anatomy book just three days before killing her.

Was Tristan Dilley‘s suspected killer, 19-year-old Paul Adams, planning on dismembering her body and disposing of it, just days before he allegedly murdered the 14-year-old Texas cheerleader? That’s what police are currently trying to figure out, as a new report claims Paul shot himself dead as they closed in on him at a campsite he had set up along a secluded stretch of FM 1135 in Orange County. When police approached Paul’s tent, they reportedly found “a hatchet, rope, burlap sacks, eight pairs of handcuffs, dumbbells, bottled water, a water purification kit, food supplies, a book about human anatomy and $ 577 in cash,” Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Neman told Beaumont-Enterprise. “We have no idea what he was planning on doing with them,” the sheriff added, but he suspects Paul was possibly “planning to dismember the Silsbee High School student and dispose her body parts in a canal.” SEE PICS OF THE ITEMS IN PAUL’S TENT, HERE!

The current investigation recently uncovered that Paul purchased the tools and supplies at a Walmart on Sept. 28 — three days before Tristan was found dead with two bullets in her head. Surveillance footage from the store even showed Paul shopping at the store. Police also reportedly found a number of text messages between Paul and Tristan in the days leading up to her death, suggesting they may have had a romantic relationship. But we must note, that has yet to be proven. What police do know, however, is that Tristan stayed home, while her parents and brother went shopping, on the death of her death (Oct. 1). She claimed she was too tired and wanted to rest from a dance at her school the night before. But once Tristan’s family returned home, they found her dead body. Click here to see pics of Tristan and Paul.

Upon their return home, “[Tristan]’s mother hollered at her and when she didn’t answer, she told her brother to go upstairs and wake her up,” Newman told Beaumont-Enterprise. That’s when Tristan’s 13-year-old brother discovered her dead body. Newman said Tristan was found in a second-floor room with two gunshot wounds to the head. So horrific. Police said there was no forced entry into the home, nor signs of a struggle anywhere in the house. “From what we could gather, they were trying to see each other when her mother was gone,” Newman said. When police went searching for Paul, based on the text messages they found, his cell phone traced them to his campsite. But as we said, Paul killed himself (possible with the same gun he killed Tristan with), as the police approached his tent. Paul reportedly wrote a suicide note before killing himself.

“He ruined two families,” Newman said. “Not just her’s, but he ruined his too.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tristan Dilley’s friends and family during this difficult time. We can’t even imagine what they must be going through.

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