Texas Tech University: Freshman Arrested After Shooting Cop Dead

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In a horrifying turn of events, Texas Tech University was put on lockdown tonight, Oct. 9, after a student shot and killed a campus police officer.

UPDATE 10:54 p.m. ET: A suspect is now in custody after allegedly shooting and killing a campus police officer, according to ABC News. The shooter has been identified as freshman student Hollis Daniels, 19, according to a Fox News affiliate.

An active shooter is on the loose tonight, Oct. 9, at Texas Tech University. The school is currently on lockdown, with the university’s official Twitter account tweeting a warning to students and staff late tonight warning them their was a shooting at the school’s police department. The university stated that the shooter was still at large on campus and that people should seek shelter to protect themselves. However, not everyone has been able to remain safe and their has already been at least one casualty. A campus police officer was reportedly shot and killed, according to NBC News. “We can confirm there is a shooter, and no other information at this time,” the Texas Tech University Police Department told HollywoodLife.com.

The shooting happened during a call for a student “welfare check,” which brought campus police to a room where they located drugs and drug paraphernalia. The officers took the student to the TTU police station, a spokesman for the school said in a statement, according to NBC News. “During this time, the suspect pulled a gun and shot an officer in the head,” the statement read. “The officer is deceased.” As of right now, a SWAT team is reportedly searching for the shooter, who reportedly fled from a vehicle. The gunman is described as 6 feet tall, 140 lbs with red hair and blue eyes. He is reportedly wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Once the news hit social media, friends and family of students and faculty at the school began to, rightfully, worry for their loved ones safety. “Praying my son is safe ??,” one user tweeted. “One cop dead already. This is just too much!!??????,” another user wrote. “Prayers y’all #MountaineerNation stands behind you guys!!! PLEASE BE SAFE!!,” another tweeted. Many began to draw connections between tonight’s active shooter situation and the horrific mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas just last weekend. The incident was declared the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, with gunman Stephen Paddock being responsible for the death of 58 concert-goers, and the injuries of hundreds more, before killing himself. Click here to see pics of the Las Vegas shooting victims.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those on the Texas Tech University campus tonight.

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