Terry G: Singer has some regrets too

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 7:54am by admin

Terry G has regrets just like everyone else and he’s been speaking about them too.

The singer revealed that he has done things he is not proud of, but then again, who hasn’t?

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Terry Gplay

Terry G



The “Akpako” singer made the disclosure while speaking with Punch, adding that he was “only a victim of controversies,” and mistakes anyone could have committed.

He said: “I do not like controversies. I was only a victim of controversies. All that I have done in the past that made me controversial were mistakes anyone could commit.

“I am still paying the price for my past. I did certain things I can never do again. I was a young boy, who was just having fun and enjoying music. My past still haunts me as I speak to you, as I am being judged for those actions. I have done things I am not proud of.”

According to him, most of the things he was criticized for back in the day, are the things musicians do freely these days.

Terry G also noted that he paved the way for the artistes of today, adding that all he did, he did for the art.

“I am now a scapegoat all because I represented the streets and I was not afraid to show it. I sacrificed myself for the new generation of artistes. All I was being criticised for are those things artistes do freely now and no one talks about them.

“I have many regrets, which I take as lessons in a way. If I had known better, I wouldn’t have done certain things.

“But I do not think what I sing or say determines who I am. One day, Nigerians will realise that art is different from reality. I made my mother love Patience Ozokwor because she had the impression that she was a wicked woman because of her roles in movies. I made my father love many musicians too. I made them understand that what they were doing was an art.

Terry G in Americaplay

Terry G in America



“Sooner than later, Nigerians will understand that the all the crazy things I do are just for the art; I am an actor. I am yet to do most of the things the new artistes do in their videos, yet people still see me as the most terrible person. In other countries, nobody makes an issue out of those things.”

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Terry G has been known for his eccentric ways both on and off Television and has had his own scandals but he has continued to do well for himself and might be around much longer than any of us thought.

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