‘Terrifying – keep Corbyn out of No 10!’ Dreaded Labour policy YOU fear most – poll result

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The Labour Party leader has got his campaign for the general election on December 12 up and running, and has announced a raft of policies that have been heavily scrutinised by critics. Jeremy Corbyn stood before a rally in Telford on Wednesday where he insisted he stands for politics which means to “share power and wealth with people”. Labour’s confusing Brexit strategy has been pushed into the spotlight recently but they have still announced several policies which have come in for intense criticism.

These include reducing the working week to four days and 32 hours as part of a push to put more power into the hands of workers.

Other policy areas include a huge crackdown on landlords that would enable tenants to buy their rented properties, as well as scrapping private schools and integrating them into the state sector.

But the one policy area that is angering you the most is Labour’s plan to overhaul Inheritance Tax, replacing it with something they have described as a “lifetime gifts tax”.

The current scheme allows up to £475,000 or £950,000 for couples to be passed on without being taxed.

jeremy corbyn general election

General Election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn’s policies have been savaged by Express.co.uk readers (Image: GETTY)

jeremy corbyn general election

General Election 2019: The Labour leader has made several policy announcements (Image: GETTY)

However, under Labour’s new proposals, everything a recipient receives above £125,000 would be taxed annually at standard income tax rates.

The threshold would be set for each child, so two children could inherit an estate worth £250,000 tax-free. Anything above the threshold would be taxed.

The Express.co.uk poll, which ran from 2.30pm until 10pm on Wednesday November 6 and saw 8,359 votes cast, asked: “Which Labour policy do you fear the most?”

Nearly a third (36.1 percent or 3,017 readers) voted for Inheritance Tax as the one policy area they fear most from a potential Labour government in power.

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jeremy corbyn general election

General Election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn’s plans have come in for heavy criticism (Image: GETTY)

The implementation of a four-day, 32 hour working week, terrifies 25.7 percent (2,148 readers), followed by tenants being allowed to buy their rented properties (9.2 percent), an overhaul of Income Tax that would see an increase to 45 percent for income over £80,000 and 50 percent to £125,000 (nine percent), and scrapping private schools (8.8 percent).

These were followed by increasing the state pension to £175.20 a week (5.3 percent), with 5.9 percent opting for the “don’t know” option.

But Express.co.uk readers absolutely savaged all of these policy options, with their fear and terror over Mr Cortbyn leading the Labour Party into Number 10 plain to see.

One reader said: “That anyone sane would vote for Corbyn terrifies me more than any policy he and his cronies might come up with.”

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boris johnson general election

General Election 2019: Boris Johnson has attacked Labour’s party policies (Image: GETTY)

john mcdonnell general election

General Election 2019: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made several policy announcements at the Labour Party’s annual conference (Image: GETTY)

Another commented: “Everything about Corbyn and McDonnell frightens me. Labour would be a massive disaster for this country.”

A third reader wrote: “All are definitely ridiculous unworkable and definitely unaffordable, yet still people will vote for them as if they expect a miracle to happen!”

One simply said: “Keep this man out of No. 10!”

But another Express.co.uk reader vowed not to be terrified by Mr Corbyn’s policies, and in a rallying cry, urged the British people not to give him the chance to “ destroy our people or our country”.

jeremy corbyn policies

General Election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn’s key Labour Party policies (Image: EXPRESS)

The reader said: “I will never be frightened of Corbyn, or his twisted ideology.

“I will always fight for what’s right, proper and decent, and will never give Corbyn the chance to destroy our people or our country.”

Last month, political experts tore apart Labour and Mr Corbyn’s plan to overhaul Inheritance Tax.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group think tank, told Express.co.uk: “Labour’s plans would tax every significant exchange between family members before death also.

jeremy corbyn john mcdonnell

General Election 2019: The Labour Party are plotting a route to 10 Downing Street (Image: GETTY)

“It isn’t just anti-freedom, it isn’t just anti-family, it’s anti-human, and would represent a Government declaring economic war on it’s own citizens.

“If there is one single policy that will keep Labour out of Government, it is this one – it’s political toxic waste and will play very badly with the electorate.”

Tim Focas, director of financial services at Westminster think tank Parliament Street, said: “The Tory plan is more practical, although raising the no tax threshold from properties valued at £325,000 to less than £600,000 seems more logical based on where the property market is at.

“Labour’s plan means anyone trying to pass on a family home or business property will face a massive tax bill.”

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