‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Ashley’s Baby Shower Ends With A Massive Fight

Posted on Mar 20 2018 - 4:38pm by admin

So much for having a ‘happy’ baby shower! Ashley’s party went south real fast during the March 19 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’, when Bar’s mom started acting ‘petty’.

Well, it’s safe to say that Ashley and Bar‘s mom still hate each other. During the March 19 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, everyone at Ashley’s baby shower started screaming and cussing at each other over the lack of “disrespect” between the mom-to-be and Bar’s mother. Ashley and Bar had actually made up, following their fight over his mom last week, but things got worse when his mom started acting up at Ashley’s baby shower. First, she made a scene during a game that involved the winner having the biggest purse — she said “this s*** will go viral” if she were to dump out her purse and show everyone what’s inside. Then, she got upset when Ashley’s aunt couldn’t remember Bar’s name and referred to him as “Ashley’s significant other”. And finally, when Bar’s mom tried posing in a picture with him and Ashley, Ashley jumped out of the frame. So Bar’s mom kept asking him why she was being accused of being “petty,” yet Ashley kept making it very obvious that she didn’t want his mom there. Frankly, we’re not fans of Bar’s mom — she seems super immature — but we think Ashley was in the wrong in this situation. Especially after Ashley jumped away, when Bar’s mom tried saying goodbye to the baby inside her belly. Of course, Ashley’s mom tried defending her and that just resulted in everyone screaming at each other and Bar’s mom driving off while pointing her middle finger in the air. Classy!

Meanwhile, Kayla found out some disturbing news about Stefan. Days after they banded together and went shopping for the baby, Kayla discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her again, so she cussed him out and kicked him to the curb. But when he came around to collect his belongings from her house, she acted as though she wanted his attention again. But he wasn’t having any of it. He screamed at her and told her to stop caring about him like she did the night before. Then, he jumped in his car and drove away. She, however, ran back to her best friend on the couch and tried convincing herself as to why she dumped him, before breaking down in tears. Ahh… young love.

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In other news, Lexi was busy trying to figure out how to define her relationship with Kyler, as they’re not together but act like they are. First, they toyed with deciding on a baby name — she wants Zayn because he’s her “favorite singer”, but he’s not into it. Kylie, however, didn’t even suggest names because he said Lexi doesn’t like any of the ones he comes up with. Later, while they were sitting in the backyard, she asked him how he would define their relationship. And mind you, just moments before this interaction, she told the audience that she continues to wear a promise ring he gave her a year ago because she has high hopes that they’ll reunite in the future. Sadly, her dreams were dashed when Kyler told her he wants to date other girls. He actually told her that she was too clingy and compared her to a fly stuck on a spider web. He made it very clear that he didn’t want to date her, but she still responded by saying, “This is so confusing.” Nah, girl. It’s definitely not confusing. He’s just not that into you.

Brianna and Danae also had their own drama, as they got into a huge argument and he left her barefoot on the side of the road, four blocks from her house at 11pm at night. Apparently, he wanted to hang out with his friends, without her, so she ran after him with no shoes on and demanded they let her into the car. Once they did, she decided she’d rather be at home, so they fought and she jumped out of the vehicle. Then, the next morning, her mom yelled at Danae for leaving her so far away from home and “not caring” about whether or not she made it back safely. It seemed a little dramatic to us, but maybe they live in a sketchy neighborhood. Later, when Brianna tried asking Danae why he doesn’t care about her, he just started throwing himself a pity party and said “whatever”. We have high hopes for these two! Oh yeah, and Danae’s mom is still struggling with his transition, so there’s also that.

Finally, the blonde girl — I’m still trying to remember her name — thought her addict mom might be using drugs again, but her grandma actually gave the mom a drug test and it came back clean. Yay!

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