‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Tyler & Nova Visit Catelynn In Rehab After Her Suicidal Thoughts

Posted on Mar 20 2018 - 11:54pm by admin

One week after Catelynn entered a treatment facility to work on her depression and anxiety, Tyler and daughter Nova were finally able to visit her!

Catelynn had only been in rehab for seven days before Tyler and Nova were granted a visit with her at her treatment facility in Arizona, during the March 19 episode of Teen Mom OG. Fortunately, she seemed to be doing really well and she looked super happy to see Tyler, Nova, her mom and dad, as well as a close family friend that tagged along for the visit. Apparently, this visit was a way for the guidance counselors to meet with those closes to Catelynn and give them some guidance as to how they can help her moving forward. Catelynn’s mom learned that she often gives her daughter ultimatums when she’s depressed, so the counselors told her to stop doing that and suggested ways she could improve when they communicate in the future. And while at dinner later that evening — minus Catelynn — Tyler explained how Catelynn was driven to the thoughts of suicide. He explained it by saying that each and every one of her pregnancies were linked to some sort of trauma — she had to give away Carly after birth, and she suffered from postpartum depression after having Nova. So this miscarriage she recently suffered was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Luckily, she didn’t follow through with her suicidal thoughts and she found a way to get some help.

Meanwhile, Amber took Leah on a vacation to Florida, where she also introduced her brother to Andrew for the very first time. “Bubby” grilled Andrew pretty hard, asking him all kinds of questions like what he does for a living, if he has any secret children like Matt Baier did, and more. Fortunately for Amber, her brother seemed to like Andrew. What was interesting, though, was when Amber’s brother started asking them if they plan on getting married. While Andrew sat in silence, Amber tried diffusing the situation and said they’re not at that point in their relationship yet. Phew, right? The only downside was when Amber said she wouldn’t make Andrew sign a prenuptial agreement if they were to ever get married. Is she crazy?!

Finally, Maci spent this week shopping for a “big girl bed” for Maverick after returning home from filming Naked & Afraid. Taylor asked her if she wanted more kids, but when they discovered Maverick pooped in her diaper, Maci pretty much said they have more than enough kids right now.

If you’re wondering where Farrah was this week, the show cut ties with her during last week’s episode, so not only was she not including in this week’s storyline, but she was also taken out of the show’s opening credits.

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