‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Nearly Attacks Mackenzie Before Ending Her Engagement With Matt

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Amber was involved in a ton of drama during the Nov. 27 season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’. First, she nearly attacked Mackenzie. And then, she shocked Matt by ending their engagement.

Farrah Abraham may think she’s the star of Teen Mom OG, but Amber Portwood was involved in most of the drama during the Nov. 27 season premiere! Not only did she nearly attack Ryan‘s wife Mackenzie, but she also had some major drama with Matt. You see, MTV did something interesting with the Season 7 premiere in that we got to see what happened behind-the-scenes during the Season 6 reunion. Last season, we saw Mackenzie read a scathing letter to Maci, during which she accused Maci of exploiting Ryan’s drug use so she could have a juicy storyline. But what we didn’t see until now was Mackenzie running into Amber backstage. And that’s when Amber got in her face, called her a “f***ing c***”, and berated her for attacking Maci on stage. It was intense and security almost had to step in, but Mackenzie raced away in a frenzy.  Then, when Maci came backstage, Amber hugged her and told her what happened. As you can see in the photo gallery above, Maci just smiled while hearing about the tense interaction.

What was also interesting was hearing Mackenzie talk to a producer about Ryan’s drug use. While he was in rehab, Mackenzie told one of the producers that he was spending $ 10,000 a WEEK on drugs. Isn’t that crazy? We wonder how much of his Teen Mom OG money he blew through while using drugs. It was probably a lot of money. But either way, we’re just happy to hear that Ryan got the help he needed. Hopefully, he’s still on the straight and narrow.

And speaking of staying sober, once Amber returned home from filming the reunion special in New York City, Matt confirmed that he relapsed “pretty hard” before she left town. He said he wasn’t ashamed to admit it, and the rest of his stash was flushed down a toilet. He tried saying he was the one who flushed the rest of his drugs, but Amber intervened, saying she was the one who disposed of his stash. Then, she suggested they stop planning a wedding, and he agreed. He actually suggested they start seeking therapy together, and she agreed, but she took things up a notch by also saying they should call of their engagement as well. He, on the other hand, was shocked by her saying that. This must have been the beginning of the end for them, as we now know she’s dating someone else and pregnant with his child.

In other Teen Mom OG news, Catelynn moved foward with purchasing a horse, and Farrah threw herself a 26th birthday party in NYC, following the taping of the reunion. She reluctantly invited her mom and David, and maybe for good reason. Once at the party, David approached Farrah’s dad Michael and wanted to know if he had any questions for him. Michael said no, but instead, he wanted to give David some advice. However, David said he didn’t want any advice and they nearly got into a fist fight. Security stepped in, and then, the two guys went outside for a deeper conversation, during which David strongly suggested Michael push Farrah into therapy. Oy vey.

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