‘Teen Mom 2’ Shocker: Kailyn & Javi Want To Get Back Together — What About Briana?

Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 6:30pm by admin

WTF?! Our jaws hit the floor during the Nov. 20 reunion special for ‘Teen Mom 2’, when Javi and Kailyn both admitted they want to get back together.

Can you believe it? Despite everything they’ve been through, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin both shook their heads yes, when Dr. Drew asked them if they wanted to get back together during the Nov. 20 reunion special for Teen Mom 2. It’s crazy, considering Javi is now dating Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus and Kailyn’s dating a woman, but this reunion special was filmed several weeks ago, so perhaps their minds changed once filming wrapped. Anyway, let us give you a play-by-play of what happened between these exes.

At the start of their interview with Dr. Drew, Kailyn and Javi both said their co-parenting relationship is great, but everything else about their relationship sucks. Kailyn said Javi holds a lot of resentment towards her and whenever they argue, he brings up her new baby, Lux, and her former relationship with Lux’s dad, Chris Lopez. “If we’re arguing about being late, [he’ll] be like, ‘You had a whole baby with another man!’” Kailyn explained. Javi, however, said he only mentions that when Kailyn tries to “get involved” in his new interests and relationships. Could he have been referring to Briana? Hmm. We’ll get to that a bit later. First, we have to discuss the “getting back together” thing. Dr. Drew was the one who brought it up when he said, “There was a time when you two were talking about getting back together,” and Kailyn quickly replied, “I think that has been ongoing for weeks.” Um, what? “We have a good chunk of time where we’re doing good, and it’s like okay may this could work. Nobody wants to see their family fall apart,” she explained.

But in order to get back together, Javi said a lot of things would have to change. Specifically, he wants her to get rid of a lot of her guy friends. Kailyn then said she feels the same way about him — “it goes both ways,” she said, as they both admitted to not trusting each other. But despite not trusting each other, they still said they’re interested in reuniting. However, that doesn’t mean they’re attracted to each other. Javi said he’s no longer attracted to Kailyn, even though she said it’s a “lie,” and she said she’s not attracted to him anymore. “So you’re not attracted to one another, you don’t trust each other, but you want to get back together,” Dr. Drew said aloud, as he was trying to understand the situation at hand. And after they both heard that statement, they both laughed.

So what about Javi’s relationship with Briana? Well, Briana interestingly told Dr. Drew that they only share a “friendship.” She also alluded to the fact that Kailyn doesn’t like her, which in turn has led the rest of the cast to ostracizing her. So some of those rumors are true — others may not be.

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