‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Has A Massive Meltdown 24 Hours Before Her Wedding

Posted on Oct 31 2017 - 1:29pm by admin

Bridezilla alert! Jenelle freaked out during the Oct. 30 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ when her soon-to-be-husband, David, wasn’t giving her enough attention… less than 24 hours before their wedding.

“Until he pays attention to me, I’m not filming anymore!” Jenelle yelled during the Oct. 30 episode of Teen Mom 2, when David was busy laying sod 24 hours before their wedding. Before this episode aired, we had heard about this major fight, as it was previously reported that Jenelle called off her wedding to David, following some sort of argument, but this is the first time we’re seeing what happened behind the scenes. Typical Jenelle left some major wedding preparations — laying sod down in her massive yard, picking someone to ordain the ceremony, etc. — until the last minute, so she and David got into an argument. But it wasn’t really because she was stressed out. It was more because she was upset that David was so busy and not paying much attention to her. And once production caught on to their fighting, she demanded they leave and stop filming her.

Kailyn was also in tears this week, when she realized Chris Lopez is going to be a deadbeat dad. Apparently, he was ignoring her calls because he was spending time with his new girlfriend, so she decided not to invite him to her new doctor appointment. But when she was heading to the appointment, she called a friend and started crying over how much anxiety Chris gives her. (Question — why did this girl get pregnant by a guy she barely knew?) Then, he showed up anyway, so she freaked out about that, too. Girl was all over with her emotions, this week.

Meanwhile, Chelsea had a rather undramatic storyline this week (surprise, surprise). Unlike Jenelle, there wasn’t any drama during her wedding preparations. She and Aubree went for their final dress fitting, and she and Cole joked about having more kids together. How normal of them!

Finally, Briana enrolled Nova into school, and Devon was going to help with the fees until he realized he couldn’t use a credit card. So he gave Briana $ 60 of the $ 205 she needed, and she was left to come up with the rest of the money. And Leah‘s daughters started school this week. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened with her.

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