Taylor Swift Swoons Over Cardboard Cutout Of BF Joe Alwyn In Concert Crowd — Watch

Posted on Jun 4 2018 - 5:49pm by admin

Look what he made her do! Joe Alwyn doesn’t even need to attend Taylor’s concert to get a rise out of her onstage — turns out a pic of her British beau will do just fine.

All eyes were on Taylor Swift when she kicked off the next installment of her Reputation tour in Chicago this weekend, but the 28-year-old only had eyes for Joe Alwyn — which, if you know anything about the cute couple, shouldn’t come as a surprise. They’re crazy about each other! So crazy about each other, in fact, that all it takes is a picture of the guy to make Tay swoon onstage. She was singing with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX when she caught sight of a fan holding a cardboard cutout of Joe — and her performance heated up! Not only did Taylor smile and point at the cutout, but she leaned back onto Camila and started fanning herself. If just a photo of her boyfriend gets that kind of response, we can’t imagine what she’d do if she saw him in person.

Oh, wait… We can! It’s no secret that she thinks Joe is “Gorgeous” because Tay’s hit song is about how attractive she finds the 27-year-old, after all. And when she performed it on opening night of her tour last month, she managed to pick her British BF out of the audience and point at him while she sang. TBH, it made us swoon. The couple have been so secretive since they started seeing each other in fall 2016 that we’ll take anything we can get. While we can’t quite classify singing to Joe or fanning herself over a cardboard cutout of him as PDA, it’s still adorable. See for yourself!

Taylor will be touring through November, so who knows? Maybe there’s more Joe Alwyn action in our future. We couldn’t be more “Ready For It.”

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