Talented Nigerian singer, Krazy Rymz visits Pulse

Posted on Jul 23 2019 - 3:31am by admin

On July 16, 2019, Benue State-born Nigerian singer, Krazy Rymz visited Pulse studios.

The front-man of Nor Nor Nation also known as The Vibes Machine or Crazyman sound told Pulse about his background, his journey and his music.

Fresh off beating the odds, he recently dropped his new single, ‘The Matter.’ It is a follow-up to his 2015 single, ‘Maloro.’ Yes, the timing is suspect, but Rymz comments on the issue that, “I get inspiration through my life experiences…

Discussing how he got inspire to make the song, he tells Pulse that at the time, he was a frustrated young man doing dishes. His situation inspired the prayerful tone of the song.

Born Ogbeche Sunday, he grew up in Warri, Delta State and moved to Lagos in his teens. To describe his mood, he said he was, “grateful.” You will understand his reason in a bit.

While speaking on his life, he said, “I’ve been a street boy all my life.” Growing up as the last of seven creative and musically-inclined people, he started making music at 16 and took it up professionally at 18 after lost his father, could not afford school and had a passion.

Nonetheless, he credits losing his dad with growing up faster than anticipated. He says, “Losing my dad made me realize when I stood in life – the path I want to follow.”

According to him, that journey led him to what he credits for his life, the streets. He is “very grateful and happy to have come from” the streets, a core part of his story

“Being in the streets, you learn a lot of things. I lost my Dad when I was just 15, and from there, I came to Lagos and started hustling… I’ve been in the streets for long, man. I feel like everything I know today, the streets taught me,” he says.

However, his background is not an inhibition to his self-worth and dreams. He has never wanted to sign to a record label. The individuality in him drives him to always be on his own.

Now on his own with hiss record label, he says, “I’ve always had the dream of being in charge of my career. It’s not a bad thing to be signed to a label, but I just felt like if I had the opportunity to do my own thing, I would do it. I thank God that he’s given me the chance to do that.”

Under his record label, Nor Nor Nation which he calls an “empire,” he plans to drop his EP before the end of the year. 

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