Sturgeon wants to split from Britain but cosies up to ARCTIC CIRCLE countries

Posted on Oct 14 2017 - 9:08pm by admin

Despite Edinburgh being almost 1,200km from the actual Arctic, Scotland will host a meeting of Arctic Circle countries for the first time as Ms Sturgeon launches as bid to build a strong relationship with the region.

The SNP leader announced she would host a forum for her northern neighbours next month during a speech at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ms Sturgeon said she hoped to “deepen and strengthen” the nation’s economic relationship with Arctic, Nordic and Baltic countries ahead of Brexit.

She told the assembly she believed remaining part of the single market was the best way to protect jobs and citizens’ rights, and drew attention to the fact five Nordic Council nations were also members.

She added: “It also forms the best basis for trading and co-operating with countries across the world – including the nations of this Arctic Circle Assembly.

“In all of this, Scotland is determined, despite Brexit, to remain an open, internationalist, outward looking nation.

“Strengthening our role in the Arctic Circle is an important part of that.” 

The First Minister said there were “clear benefits” in forging closer ties with the Arctic countries, which make up half of the top ten sources of foreign investment into Scotland and half of its six largest export markets.

She nodded to “strong ties” between Scotland and the northern nations in areas such as energy and low-carbon technology, food and drink, sustainable tourism, and education and advanced engineering.

Her two-day visit to Iceland came a fortnight after Scotland launched a Nordic-Baltic Policy Statement, aimed at cementing the country’s links with eight nations including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia.

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