Strictly Come Dancing star Katie Piper reveals she still suffers with depression and anxiety following horror acid attack

Posted on Sep 17 2018 - 6:19am by admin

Katie PiperKatie Piper opened up about her mental health struggles [Getty]

Katie Piper, who is appearing on this season’s Strictly Come Dancing, has opened up about her battle with depression following a horrific acid attack years ago.

Katie, 34, confirmed she’s still living with anxiety after the horrendous incident, which happened in 2008.

“I live with anxiety and I still get depressed, because you don’t go through life-changing things and just get better and it’s over. You learn to live with it,” she told the Daily Star.

Katie PiperKatie Piper was a victim of acid attack 10 years ago [Katie Piper/ Instagram ]

“When you have another child, you have no downtime. I did feel depressed and low. 

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“But your body is going through changes, physically and hormonally, so I just tried to check in on myself to make sure it wasn’t spiralling.”

In March 2008, Katie was doused with sulphuric acid by Stefan Sylvestre, under the orders of her ex boyfriend David Lynch.

Katie PiperKatie Piper wants to raise awareness for those in similar circumstances[Katie Piper/ Instagram 

Katie Piper is a model and TV presenterKatie Piper is a model and TV presenter [Getty]

Katie and David began dating in February 2008, but just two weeks into their romance the model began to have doubts and he later attacked her in a hotel.

After returning home, the then-24 year old was contacted by David two days later, telling her to go to a nearby internet café.

However, he had arranged for Sylvestre to wait outside her flat before throwing sulphuric acid in her face – the men were both jailed for the attack.

Katie Piper attacker Stefan Sylvestre 'could be released as early as next month'Katie Piper’s attacker Stefan Sylvestre [Handout ]

Katie was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma for 12 days, undergoing skin graft procedures after being left severely burned and blinded in her left eye.

The TV personality was a model and presenter before the attack, moving to London in her early twenties after finishing as a runner-up in the Miss Winchester beauty pageant in 2006.

She initially trained to be a beautician, but Katie has now transformed her life and frequently appears on radio and TV shows, increasing the awareness of burn victims.

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