Strictly Come Dancing: Debbie McGee and Alexandra Burke locked in 'bitter feud' a

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Strictly Come Dancing: Debbie McGee made a huge confession about Giovanni PerniceDebbie McGee and Alexandra Burke are said to be locked in a “bitter feud” [BBC]

A hostile feud has broken out on Strictly Come Dancing between contestants Debbie McGee and Alexandra Burke, according to insiders.

The former The X Factor and Paul Daniels’ widow are now “barely talking” as the BBC competition nears its finale.

The tension between the two women is said to have created an incredibly uncomfortable atmosphere for fellow celebs and pro dancers.

Strictly Come Dancing: Alexandra Burke shocks when she almost kisses Gorka MárquezAlexandra Burke and Debbie McGee are apparently “barely talking” [BBC]

It has been reported that 29 year old Alexandra is openly boasting about her upcoming routine with 27 year old Gorka Marquez, who is rumoured to be dating fellow Strictly star Gemma Atkinson. 

59 year old Debbie is said to have taken a different approach, launching a “military operation” to keep the details of her dance with 27 year old Giovanni Pernice under wraps.

“There is real drama between Alexandra and Debbie”, claimed the source.

gorka marquezAlexandra Burke has reportedly been boasting about her routine with Gorka Marquez [Instagram]

“Obviously they’re both very strong dancers and everyone expects them to reach the final.

“But with every week that passes things become even more strained between them”, the insider told The Sun.

Apparently, the fiercely competitive nature which both women possess, is the cause of the tensions, and has turned what is usually a fun time in the show, into a full-on battle for the Strictly crown.

Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice continue to be frontrunners on StrictlyDebbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice continue to be frontrunners on Strictly [Getty]

“Blackpool is normally a big celebration but it’s likely to be extremely uncomfortable around those two because of this feud”, said the insider.

The rivalry between them is reportedly proving to be difficult for the ladies’ dance partners, who are best friends, but that’s not stopping the celebrity contestants.

“Neither of them is showing any sign of winding down on this”, the source told the newspaper.

“They’re both fearless and determined to win. There are going to be fireworks at the top of the tower at this rate.”

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