‘Stranger Things’: 17 Horror Classics From The 70s & 80s That Inspired The Throwback Series

Posted on Oct 24 2017 - 10:36am by admin

Before ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 premieres, study up on the classics that have been — and surely will be — referenced in the series. From ‘Goonies’ to ‘Alien’, there are far more 80s and 70s classics at play than you think!

Settle down, guys, and crack open a chocolate pudding. For those of you who weren’t alive in the 80s or didn’t grow up watching the fantastic classics of the decades (where you at, 90s kids?), some stellar references in Stranger Things season 1 may have been missed. That goes doubly for season 2’s multiple, epic trailers. Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers, were clearly influenced by 80s horror and adventure movies, and they wholly admit to emulating some of those classics in the series. Whether or not it’s straight references, or scenes reminiscent of old favorites, there are at least 17 films you may recognize. Check out the gallery above to see every movie that inspired Stranger Things.

It’s no coincidence that there were definite parallels between IT and Stranger Things — and we don’t just mean because Finn Wolfhard (Mike) starred in both. IT is the story of a group of precocious and conniving teens trying to solve a terrifying mystery in their small hometown. While trying to find someone near and dear to them, they encounter a sinister paranormal monster. So…sounds familiar? Some younger Stranger Things fans saw the IT trailer and immediately thought the filmmakers were ripping off the series! We’re sure IT author Stephen King had a good laugh about it.

One of the most striking images in the first season 2 trailer was a child opening the door and seeing the sky lit aflame, a gigantic monster (thessalhydra??) lurking in the distance. That’s totally Close Encounters of the Third Kind right there! Close Encounters is ever-present in the first season, as well. Winona Ryder‘s hysterical, manic interpretation of Joyce is a nod to Richard Dreyfuss‘ performance in the Spielberg classic. Like Joyce, his character is considered absolutely nuts through most of the performance, and considered even madder because of the extreme lengths he goes to expose the truth (aliens exist, in this case). This is just the beginning, folks. ET, Poltergeist, Scanners — see every reference in the gallery above!

Stranger Things season 2 premieres October 27 at midnight PST on Netflix.

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