Step aside: Duke Udi fires back at commissioner

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 12:11am by admin

Peter Dada,  Akure

Duke Udi has said he has  been resting at home since  the Ondo State Government asked him to “step aside” as Sunshine Stars coach.

Commissioner for Sports, Saka Yusuf-Ogunleye, said in a statement on Tuesday Udi was fired following allegations of “gross misconduct, insubordination and disrespect for constituted authorities”. The team’s former coach Henry Abiodun was appointed as the new manager of the struggling Akure Premier League side.

 However, Yusuf-Ogunleye  told reporters  in Akure on Wednesday  that the state government, who owns the club,  did not sack  Udi, saying the former Nigeria midfielder  is still an employee of the state government.

According to him,  they only asked the former Israel-based player  to step aside to allow another person manage the team.

However,  Udi told  our correspondent on the telephone on Thursday  that, as of  the time of the conversation, he was no longer  with the team.

He said, “I don’t know the meaning of step aside, I think the commissioner should be able to answer that. I am in my house and somebody else is doing the job so what is the meaning of step aside? That is what people should ask him (commissioner). Step aside, is it a contract or what?  Every coach that has stepped aside never came back. Is it  in your contract or what? “

On his contract with the club, the former Switzerland-based player insisted  that the club had  not fulfilled their  part of the agreement they  signed with him.

Udi said, “They have not paid me the money I was to be given for helping them escape relegation  and some match bonuses. I am not fighting anybody. They should just honour the agreement we signed, there are documents we signed and they should do their own part.”

 Meanwhile, the Chairman of the ODSFA, Tajudeen Akinyemi and  Yusuf-Ogunleye,  on Thursday held a meeting with the employees  of the agency, reassuring them that Sunshine’s welfare and success remain the  priority of the government.

Yusuf-Ogunleye said,  ”Your coach (Duke Udi) has not been sacked, he was asked to step aside pending the determination of issues against him and I want to tell you that  the decision taken at the moment is in the best interest of the team.

“I can assure you that the government is very much interested in your success and will do everything possible to take care of your welfare.”

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