Starbucks’ Happy Hour Is Coming, But It’s Invite-Only: Here’s How To Make Sure You Get The Deal

Posted on Mar 29 2018 - 12:36am by admin

Happy Hour is returning to Starbucks this Thursday, March 29, and you can get 50% off all espresso drinks — but there’s a catch. We’ve got the info on how to sign up for an invitation!

Starbucks is bringing Happy Hour back to stores in the United States and Canada tomorrow, March 29, and this year, it’s being extended beyond Frappuccino drinks to include espresso beverages and iced tea, too! That means you can get half off any handcrafted espresso or tea beverage, any size, hot or iced, as long as you stop by after 3:00 PM until closing.

However, this year you need a special invite to get the deal. Starbucks Rewards members are automatically on the “list,” so check your app if you’re a member. For the rest of the world, you can visit this link to RSVP and get a Happy Hour invite! You’ll need to give your name, email address and zip code to get the offer, and by accepting, you agree to receive emails about Starbucks news, promotions and offers. Easy!

“With nearly 100 million customers in our stores every week, we’re looking for more opportunities to engage directly and personally, providing them with special benefits and offers that are meaningful,” executive vice president and chief strategy officer Matt Ryan said in a statement. “This shift in Happy Hour is just one example of how we can further establish, strengthen and develop digital relationships with our customers.”

FYI, here’s what the email invite looks like if you’re already a member:


Starbucks’ Happy Hour program first started in 2010. Here’s to many, many more!

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