Stacey Solomon opens up on anal bleaching as she continues to promote body positivity

Posted on Sep 23 2018 - 11:23am by admin

Stacey Solomon has hit out at a magazine for their cruel cover about herStacey Solomon has opened up on anal bleaching [Karwai Tang/WireImage]

Stacey Solomon regularly opens up on body image but her latest topic has left her fans utterly startled.

The 28 year old Loose Women panellist has spoken about anal bleaching, admitting that she had “never once considered” the colour of her anus.

Her comments come after Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei, also 28, was filmed having the treatment done last year. 

Stacey Solomon has been praised for showing off her bikini body online Stacey Solomon has been praised for her body positive posts [Instagram/Stacey Solomon]

Taking to her column in Fabulous magazine, Stacey said: “I have never once considered if my anus is the ‘right’ colour or not.

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“Seriously, I have to make a conscious effort to keep loving and appreciating all of the physical aspects of my body. From time to time, I glance at it and am unnecessarily judgmental about myself. So now I’m suppose to worry about the parts of my body I’ve never seen?

Emphasising her point, the former X Factor finalist added: “I have NEVER seen that part of my body. Is it even possible? 

Sophie is on holiday with her Geordie Shore co-starsGeordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei has had anal bleaching [Instagram/Sophie Kasaei]

Stacey Solomon reveals she hasn't groomed her intimate area in 10 yearsStacey claims to have never seen her anus, let alone worry about its colour [Getty]

“Even with a mirror. How and, more importantly, why does one look directly at it?

“Your anus can be whatever flipping colour it wants to be. Why oh why would anyone need their bottom hole to blend into the rest of their body? I just do not understand. Not even a little bit. It’s insanity.”

After getting over the “insanity” of the procedure, Joe Swash’s girlfriend did do some research on the matter, adding: “There’s no actual bleach involved in anal bleaching – ridiculous I know – instead it is a process in which a laser is used to lighten the colour of your skin around the anus.”

Stacey SolomonStacey would dump her partner if he complained about her anus [Getty]

Stacey even went as far as to say that she would dump a partner who complained about her anus.

“You can’t see it, and as for anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse, I’m sure it’s the least of their worries too. If it’s not? Dump them,” she added.

Slamming companies who profit from making women insecure about their bodies, she ended her rant: “Thanks to the cosmetic industry, we can now rest assure that every crevice on our body is worth worrying about, right down to our anuses. Wonderful.”

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