Some gospel artist lack discipline -Frank Edwards

Posted on Sep 7 2017 - 11:41am by admin

In an interview, recent gospel artiste, Frank Edwards claimed indiscipline and lack of know-how is why people end gospel track for secular tune.

He said, “it’s indiscipline and i have to confess they are not self-discipline. it’s because if you recognize the word of God and you’re neatly disciplined, you must understand that gospel track is life, your existence is secured, securing the lives of others, and you’re altering lives presumably along with your message.

“the general public will say the reason they end gospel music for secular music is as a result of gospel singers are broke, and that tells you that they got here in with improper motive. I mean if you want to earn a living, that you could go work at the bank.”

consistent with him, the gospel song world just isn’t an trade unlike the secular song world, it’s a ministry.

“i will say gospel song is a ministry, it is not an business. you’ve the track industry, then you have got the ministry. they all must remember the fact that, for the reason that principles are different in the ministry.

“So it is a ministry, and if you wish to make take advantage of in it you need to practice the principles. The Bible affirmed that by pronouncing ‘are trying to find ye first the kingdom of God and all more thing will be brought unto you.” He introduced.


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