SNL: Weekend Update — ‘Eric Trump’ Claims Donald Calls The Liberal Media ‘Goddamn Jews’

Posted on Mar 11 2018 - 10:51am by admin

Wow. Eric Trump kinda, sorta visited Weekend Update and it was totally hilarious! Check it out.

Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update had some very special guests on set on March 10. None other than Eric Trump, 34, and  Donald Trump Jr., 40 (played by Alex Moffat, 35, and Mikey Day, 37, respectively)! As usual, Moffat’s impression was completely hilarious. When asked if they’d like to comment on current events, Don Jr. said: “Our father has a name for you liberals in the media.” That’s when Eric blurts out, “goddamn Jews!” Later Don attempted to debunk the allegations of an affair between their father and porn star Stormy Daniels, 38. “That’s what’s so ridiculous about the claims of this adult film star. She and my father never had a relationship.” To which Eric added: “They just wrestled in bed!” Just. Wow. See more images from the season 43 of the beloved sketch comedy show right here!

This amazingly biting humor is what makes SNL a weekly staple! Back in January, Michael Che, 34, and Colin Jost, 35, took a pretty blatant swipe at officials responsible for the government shutdown. “The shutdown is temporary until February 8, so that means these guys (Mitch McConnellDonald Trump and Chuck Schumer) have 12 days left to solve all of immigration. I’m not that confident. I wouldn’t even trust them to get out of an escape room in 12 days.” Zing! Then he added: “Also Schumer only agreed to this temporary deal because Mitch McConnell promised to finally address the issue of DACA. But trusting Mitch McConnell to keep a promise is like asking Stevie Wonder to perform a bris.” For you Millennials out there, this is referencing the fact that Stevie Wonder is blind.

However, our favorite installment of Weekend Update thus far this year has to be when the French actresses Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve (played by Kate McKinnon, 34, and Cecily Strong, 33, respectively) showed up to add the Time’s Up movement in Hollywood. And let’s just say their perspective isn’t exactly widely held! “Free Harvey Weinstein!  He is a real man,” Bardot declared.  Later, she shared this disturbingly hilarious observation: “Why does woman have breasts? It is for man to grab and pull. This is nature. A drawer have a knob. A woman have 2 knobs.” Truly amazing.

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