‘SNL’: Ben Stiller As ‘Little Focker’ Michael Cohen Gets Lie Detector From Robert De Niro As Robert Mueller

Posted on Apr 16 2018 - 12:11pm by admin

Did we just have a ‘Meet The Fockers’ reunion on ‘SNL’? Watch Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller star as Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen in this hilarious cold open!

We’re still freaking out about what just happened on Saturday Night Live. The cold open started as it usually does, with two SNL players doing top notch political impressions. And in walks…Ben Stiller? Yep, that’s him! Stiller, as Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is labeled a “big dummy” by Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) after telling them things like, he’s an “attorney at law and sometimes not at law,” and that Trump is “the kindest, smartest, sexiest, least colluding man on Earth.” So obviously, they tricked him into getting caught by Robert Mueller.

Enter…Robert De Niro! Mueller hooks Cohen up to the lie detector and starts grilling him about Stormy Daniels and everything about President Donald Trump. Yes, Cohen paid off Stormy, but he didn’t tell Trump about it because he wanted it to be a surprise! Sure, buddy. Meet the Fockers fans will recognize that this entire lie detector scene happened between De Niro and Stiller in the movie — see a comparison here! It’s just, you know, not about the president having sex with a porn star. Anyway, Cohen asks Mueller to tell him all the presidential code names, and they’re quite…colorful. Cohen is Dead Man Walking. Trump? Well first, it was Putin’s Little Bitch. Now, it’s Stormy’s Little Bitch! Both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are code-named Girlfriend. And Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump? Two Fredos. Ouch!

It’s a little terrifying at this point how spot on Saturday Night Live‘s cold opens are at this point. Last week, “Trump” went rogue in a cold open press conference roasting his meeting with the leaders of the Baltic states. Despite being handed a note from his team that said, “do not congratulate Putin”, he immediately…congratulated Putin. This would be even funnier if this didn’t happen in real life! “He won a great, great very transparent victory in the Russian election,” Baldwin’s Trump continues. “Fantastic job, Putin. Even though no one has ever been tougher on Russia than I am. Including Hitler. Okay, that’s it from me.” That was scary good writing. Emphasis on scary.

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