Silverlake Trader Joe’s: Woman Dead & Suspect In Custody After Barricading Himself In Store

Posted on Jul 22 2018 - 2:16pm by admin

A gunman fled into a Trader Joe’s in Silverlake after fleeing a crashed vehicle. Find out what’s happening here.

Update: One woman is dead following a tense standoff between a gunman and authorities. Police have since arrested the man who had barricade himself inside the Trader Joe’s in Silverlake, after he had handcuffed himself inside the store following a talk with LAPD crisis negotiators. Hostages have been released.

A Trader Joe’s in Silverlake, CA turned into chaos as a gunman, also an alleged car-thief, fled into the supermarket around 3:30 pm PST. There have since been reports of shots fired and that the unnamed gunman has allegedly taken hostages. Before entering the Trader Joe’s, the gunman was involved in a car chase that ended with the vehicle crashing into a pole, and since then, police have pulled a woman from that car, according to NBC Los Angeles.

An eyewitness told NBC about the exact moment the suspect turned a gun on authorities. “(The suspect) jumped out of the car and it looked like he shot some rounds off when he got out of the car. And (the police) returned some fire at him, but he ran straight in [to the Trader Joe’s],” said Dan Zito, who was right by the crash when it happened. Since the suspect has fled into the store, several customers and workers have rushed out of the market. However, it’s still unclear how many people are still trapped inside the Trader Joe’s. LAPD has since been working to rescue employees and suspects that are trapped within. One harrowing video shows people attempting to climb out of one of the store’s window, down a rope ladder.

LAPD media relations officer Sgt. Barry Montgomery told reporters the following:

“About 1:30 PM in the Newton area of Los Angeles, we had a male suspect in his late teens become involved in a family dispute which resulted in him shooting his grandmother and a female at the scene. That suspect fled the location in his grandmother’s vehicle, taking that female victim with him. Hollywood-area officers picked up that vehicle and a pursuit ensued. That pursuit went into the northeast area of Los Angeles, where it terminated in a collision, and an officer-involved shooting occurred. That suspect fled that vehicle and ran into the Trader Joe’s … where currently we have a barricaded suspect. An LAPD [crisis management team] is here communicating with that suspect, trying to bring this to a peaceful conclusion.”

Police have the store surrounded, and one hostage was released after authorities made contact with the suspect and are negotiating an end to the conflict. At least one woman, 20, has been injured and needed medical attention, according to early reports. She has been hospitalized and is now in stable condition. Currently, SWAT vehicles are in position and a location has been set up in order to perform emergency triage, should that be needed. Watch the hostage’s release below.

This is an ongoing situation. We’ll keep you posted with any new details.

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