Should You Go Naked In Front Of Your Kids? Mommy Blogger Says She’s ‘Happy To’

Posted on Nov 28 2017 - 6:22am by admin

One mommy blogger is totally cool with being naked in front of her kids. Read why she and her husband go in the buff around their children here!

Celine Bell, 37, of London, England is quite the exhibitionist when she’s in her family home, and her outlook on showing skin may raise some eyebrows. In a her blog Bell From Bow, Celine outlined how her and her husband Pete, 39, are “more than happy” to be completely nude in front of their sons Arthur, 3, and George, 18 months. Celine writes, “[W]hen we are not out of the house, we are as laissez faire as we’ve always been, and that includes being naked in front of the kids.” Of course, if you’re imagining the Bell house as a 24/7 nudist colony, you’d be a little off in your depiction. Celine goes on to say, “It’s not a permanent state, because I’m too tight with the heating for that, and it’s not gratuitous, but it’s more than acceptable.”

Celine also adds that being naked around her children has resulted in fostering body positivity. Celine glowingly writes, “[T]hey have such confidence. They revel in being naked… And they are proud of what their bodies can achieve, ‘Look mummy, look at me!’ We could do well to learn from them.” While extolling her sons’ confidence, Celine admits there’s a “difference between being relaxed and exhibitionism” and that one day she’ll have to reconsider her nudity around her kids. Celine explains,  “As soon as they become modest around us, we’ll do the same.” We reported earlier how Behati Prinsloo, 28, shared a naked pic of her husband Adam Levine, 38, and their daughter Dusty Rose, 1. Something tell us that in a few years this picture would be, well, inappropriate to say the least.

Then again, perhaps fostering a body-positive outlook early on in life is the way to go — if Cher, 71, can go commando and braless for one of her shows, maybe we should all freak out a little less over those of us who are comfortable wearing fewer clothes. Check out these sexy pics of celebrities who got naked in nature!

HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s ever acceptable to be naked in front of your children? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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