Several Skiers Injured After Terrifying Lift Malfunction Hurls Them Into The Air At Georgia Resort

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 4:32am by admin

This is so scary! At least 11 people were injured after a malfunctioning ski lift threw them off their seats before crashing into a pile of broken chairs at the bottom of the hill. Watch it here!

This is definitely not how we’d want our ski vacations to go! A malfunctioning ski lift in the country of Georgia injured 11 people, with an estimated eight people being taken to the hospital. A video of the incident shared by CBS Evening News showed the lift at the Gudauri resort rapidly moving backwards while people urged those still sitting on the chairs to jump off to safety. The chairs then continued to zoom down the hill at an alarming speed and crash into the growing pile of broken and twisted chairs at the bottom. Yikes! Check out the video in the tweet below.

Nino Mamaladze, a ministry of health official, told ABC News that 11 people were hurt, with eight of them needing to go to the hospital. Thankfully everybody is in a stable condition, and no one has suffered critical or life-threatening injuries. Apparently the malfunction stemmed from an issue with the rope, according to a statement released on Facebook by The Mountain Resorts Development Company, which is a part of the Georgian Ministry of Economy. They also said that the rope manufacturer was immediately contacted in order to figure out what the specific cause of the incident was as quickly as possible.

We’re glad to hear there weren’t any critical injuries as a result of this insane malfunction. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon so more skiers aren’t put at risk!

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