Scotty McCreery Shares Romantic Details From Proposal To Childhood Sweetheart: It Was ‘Perfect’

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 12:17pm by admin

Scotty McCreery’s new song ‘This Is It’ was the ‘blueprint’ to his proposal to Gabi Dugal! We have more cute details in his HL podcast interview.

Sorry, dudes, but Scotty McCreery may have pulled off the most romantic proposal of all time. The American Idol winner, 24, whose new album Seasons Change is out TODAY, March 16, recently proposed to his childhood sweetheart, Gabi Dugal. And it was cuter than cute! Scotty took Gabi hiking in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, where they explored the trails and found a beautiful, secluded cliffside spot. And that’s where they got engaged!

“That’s kind of our spot now,” Scotty told us EXCLUSIVELY while visiting the HollywoodLife Podcast (Listen HERE). “It’s like a 30 minute hike [up the mountain] and I probably got us up there in five minutes or so. My heart was racing. We got up there and I tried to just play it cool and I wasn’t, I’m sure. We were probably there 15, 20 minutes before I finally went and got the ring out of the book bag and dropped down to a knee. I was nervous but hey, luckily she said yes.”

That’s so sweet! It’s clear how smitten Scotty is with his wife-to-be. And when we say she was his childhood sweetheart, we really mean it. They met in kindergarten! Scotty found out from Gina’s mom that she used to draw “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” in hearts in her kindergarten diary. Oh my god. They actually didn’t start dating, though, until high school, when Scotty was 17 and had already been on American Idol.

Scotty still had a few cards up his sleeve for surprising Gabi on their engagement day. He flew in his parents, Gabi’s parents, and Gabi’s sister! “It actually worked out like I wanted it to, which rarely happens perfectly,” he joked. “Gabi had no clue.” Scotty said that their families were filming the moment Gabi found out they were waiting for her. “Gabi flipped out so it was … everything went perfect. They day really worked out exactly like I had planned and we went up to a nice restaurant on top of the mountain and had a view that was gorgeous. It was just a perfect day.”

It was his love for his bride-to-be that inspired him to write his incredible new song, “This Is It”, he revealed. “I wrote ‘This Is It’ actually two weeks before we got engaged. I had it planned out to a tee. It’s really the blueprint for the proposal. From the beginning to the end, you’ll get an idea of where we were in the mountains and the trails we took to get up to the cliffs and just what I was thinking and what she was thinking.”

Scotty’s new album, Seasons Change, which includes the gorgeous “This Is It” is available March 16. You have to listen!

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