‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Desperately Tries To Hold On To Her Power

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The Gladiators and Fitz staged an intervention with Olivia during the Feb. 1 episode of ‘Scandal.’ Did they succeed in bringing Olivia back from the brink?

Even though she thinks Quinn is dead, Olivia appears relaxed when she steps out to greet Fitz.They head to Vermont together on what she thinks is a romantic weekend getaway. It’s anything but. When she walks in, she takes a deep breath and sees Huck. Abby, Marcus, David are all there, too. “Did you kill Quinn?” Huck asks. Olivia tries to dodge the question and wonders why in the hell they’re all here.

Abby tells Olivia that she needs to leave the White House and B613. If she doesn’t, David will prosecute. Olivia tries to justify all her shady decisions, but her Gladiators aren’t having it. Huck calls her a “monster.” That strikes a chord. But Olivia does bring up the fact that they’re all being hypocritical. They’ve all done bad things. Fitz doesn’t care about the cheap shots and low blows Olivia slings his way. His security is keeping her in Vermont for as long at it takes. Until she finds her way, there’s no getting out. Olivia storms off into another room and slams the door.

Meanwhile, Charlie is about to kill Rowan when Quinn tells him to stop. “He’s protecting me!” she says. Needless to say, Charlie is 50 shades of confused. This is a lot to process for him. Quinn and Rowan are now best of buds, too. They sing and dance to Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time,” and it’s EPIC. Charlie is ready to take Quinn and Robin home, but Rowan says otherwise. He’s trying to protect Quinn by keeping her here. Quinn agrees with Rowan. Olivia needs to think she’s dead. Quinn wants justice, and she’s willing to wait to get it.

Cyrus tells Mellie that Olivia killed Rashad and Quinn. A very shocked Mellie is determined to see Olivia and get an explanation. Jake calls Olivia and gets no answer. He finds Mellie in his B613 office. She confronts him about Rashad and orders him to bring Olivia to her. If he doesn’t, there will be consequences. “I will fill in this pool with cement, and you will be in it,” Mellie says to Jake, who immediately runs to Cyrus and demands he get Mellie off his back. Jake is desperate enough that he holds a pair of scissors to Cyrus’s throat. Cyrus calls Jake’s bluff. Jake’s not going to kill Cyrus. Cyrus has defeated bigger monsters than Jake. Cyrus is arguably the biggest monster of them all. Jake cuts Cyrus’s throat just a tiny bit, but he can’t follow through with his threat. Cyrus tells Mellie all about what happened with Jake. She says nothing is going to happen until she talks to Liv. Cyrus doesn’t want Mellie to take it easy on Olivia just because they’re friends.

‘I Am Not Your Gladiator Anymore’

Huck, Abby, and David all try to get through to Olivia. She opens the door for Huck and begs him to get her out of the house. Huck doesn’t cave to Olivia’s demands. What she’s done is “unforgivable.” He hits her with this: “I am done serving you. I am not your Gladiator anymore.” But it’s still not enough. Fitz is last. From the day they met, Olivia has always been right. But this time she’s wrong. Fitz promises he’s not going anywhere. He’s always going to be there for Olivia, even in her darkest days.

Jake breaks into Olivia’s apartments and finds Mellie waiting for him. She wants to know why Olivia killed Rashad. She presses and presses until Jake says, “Because you couldn’t keep your damn legs closed.” That catches Mellie very off guard.

The next morning, Olivia tells everyone that she will be resigning as Mellie’s chief of staff. She breaks down in tears and apologizes. She says she’ll announce her resignation during a press conference. Olivia has other plans, though. She’s spiraling and taking Jake down with her. They have steamy sexy while her friends wait for her to step up. She played them, and they didn’t even see it coming. The team meets to try and decide what they’re going to do next, but they don’t have many cards left to play. A case against her would never hold up in court.

The next day, Jake brings Mellie a file of all her dirty little secrets, courtesy of Olivia. Jake wants to advise her and move forward. When Olivia walks into the White House, she notices all her stuff is being taken out. Jake’s moving in as chief of staff. Looks like Olivia’s been FIRED! Jake just one-upped her in a BIG WAY.

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