‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia & Annalise Team Up In Epic ‘HTGAWM’ Crossover

Posted on Mar 2 2018 - 3:58pm by admin

The ‘Scandal’/’How To Get Away With Murder’ crossover is finally here! Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating cross paths for a good cause, but they’re thrown their fair share of obstacles.

Olivia Pope has left the White House and is now lecturing college students at DeWitt University. She’s teaching them how to survive a scandal, which she knows a thing or two about. Annalise attends the class and comes face-to-face with Olivia. Yes, these two fierce females are finally meeting one another. It’s about damn time. Annalise needs Olivia’s help. “Ms. Pope, our country’s in crisis,” Annalise says. “Together we can fix it.”

Meanwhile, Quinn is stalking Olivia. She just can’t let go of her grudge against Liv. Even though all the other Gladiators are totally Team Anti-Olivia, Marcus agrees to meet with her. He knows all about Annalise and thinks Olivia should give her a chance with this criminal justice class action suit. Olivia doesn’t think she has it in her. She asks Marcus why he’s speaking to her, and he gives to her plain and simple. “We’re black,” he says. “I will always have your back.”

Annalise has her demons, as does Olivia. Olivia takes a look at the case and shows up at Annalise’s door. She tells Annalise that they have one major problem: Annalise. Annalise can’t be the face of this case. She has too many skeletons in her closet. Olivia agrees to take on the case, but has this advice for Annalise: “This is my town, my game, my rules.”

Olivia brings Marcus in to help, which means she has to work with Fitz. The former lovers aren’t on the best of terms right now. You know how I know? When Olivia says “hi,” he doesn’t say it back. Olivia says she didn’t come to him for forgiveness. She needs his help. Fitz simply can’t refuse. At the first meeting, Michaela fangirls over Olivia and Fitz. Fitz is able to get a meeting set up with Mellie. At the White House, Mellie breaks it to Annalise and Olivia that this is not the right time to push the case. After everyone leaves, Olivia asks Mellie not to punish her right now.

Jake goes to Quinn on behalf of Mellie to make sure the case gets stalled. If Olivia scores a win here, this will give her power again. Olivia tries to blame Annalise, but the reason this cast isn’t moving forward is all because of Liv. So our girl decides to find a way around Mellie, by putting pressure on the Supreme Court. Olivia makes the rounds on TV, but Annalise wants in. She wants to stop hiding in the shadows.

To make sure Olivia’s case doesn’t have a chance, Mellie wants to have the details of Liv’s firing leaked. She asks Jake to let the Gladiators do the dirty work. While Olivia and Annalise are getting their hair done together, Olivia catches a glimpse of the TV screen. The rumors say that Olivia is taking on this case as a personal vendetta against Mellie. When Annalise realizes that Olivia is the problem with the case, she gives Olivia a piece of her mind. “We’re the same,” Annalise says. “So keep it real, Olivia Pope.” Olivia fires back with equal fervor. She slams Annalise by calling out her “broke ass” and dubbing her a “bully.”

Olivia confronts Quinn about what she’s done. She knows Quinn is doing this for revenge. In her heart, she knows what Olivia is saying is right. Olivia thinks all hope is lost and tells Fitz that. She can only spin so much. Fitz tells Olivia exactly what she needs to hear. She’s never let the people or the White House get to her before, so why is she starting now? Olivia says she’s not the person she was back then. Fitz is able to break Olivia down. She wants to change the world. She always has. “You’re still you,” Fitz tells Olivia. “They just don’t see it. You just don’t see it.”

Annalise and Olivia do the TV interview together. Olivia is immediately asked about her firing, but she’s able to control the conversation and steer it in the right direction. Afterwards, Annalise joins Olivia for popcorn and wine. Unfortunately, they hear that Judge Spivey doesn’t want to hear the case. So the case is dead — for now. Later, Quinn shows up at Olivia’s door and gives her former mentor the information she needs. Michaela and Marcus blow off steam by having a drink together. They nearly kiss (!!!!), but they’re interrupted by a text from Asher.

Olivia makes one last-ditch effort to save the case. She meets with Justice Spivey and reveals that she knows about the deadly car accident involving his son. He paid off the only witness to make it all go away. Olivia agrees to bury the case for good if he’ll listen to his conscience. She’s not blackmailing him. “I’m done trying to influence people with anything but the truth,” Olivia says. Olivia’s words work. The case gets added to the court docket!

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