Sandra Oh Teases Possible ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Return & ‘Stepping Back Into Cristina’s Shoes’

Posted on Mar 24 2018 - 4:15am by admin

Could Sandra Oh be returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? The series alum recently talked about a potential return to Grey Sloan Memorial, and we couldn’t be more excited!

It’s been nearly four years since Sandra Oh exited Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the tenth season in May 2014, but we still haven’t gotten over saying goodbye to Cristina Yang. And fans feel the same — over the course of the past four years, diehard viewers have championed for Cristina’s return, and with the recent news of Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw‘s forthcoming exits, we couldn’t think of a better time for Sandra to return to the long-running series. But will she? While promoting her new BBC series, Killing Eve — her first series regular role since exiting Shondaland — Entertainment Weekly asked her whether or not she’d ever come back to Grey’s Anatomy.

“It’s so funny. Every year, it’s like I hear that I’m coming back to the show. Like for real. But what I realize is, in a way that I’m really pleased and grateful for, is that the show is continuing on with its life, and that the show and the people who are still attached to the show are still attached to Cristina. It means a lot to me,” Sandra said without actually answering whether she’d return. When she further explained that her passion is currently focused on her new role as Eve in her new spy thriller TV series, EW asked if she’d want to return to Grey’s to wrap up Cristina’s storyline, at the very least.

“I will say it’s hard to beat that ending, because what I also realize is that it keeps it open in so many ways where you can continue on having that relationship with Cristina. I’m not sure. I guess I can’t really answer it either way where I’m sitting right now, because I’m so committed to Eve. The idea of stepping back into the Cristina shoes, it doesn’t feel right to me right now. But honestly, who knows how long Grey’s is gonna go?” she coyly responded.

We must also note that Cristina once said she’d be open to returning to the show, for the series finale, when it finally wraps up. But considering how well it’s doing in the ratings — 14 seasons deep — that may be a while from now!

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