Ryan McCartan Stuns With Sexy Performances Of New Songs From ‘The Opposite’ EP — Watch

Posted on May 31 2018 - 10:55pm by admin

Ryan McCartan found inspiration in heartbreak! Watch him perform his two new tracks ‘Changed My Mind’ and ‘He Don’t Know You’ from his EP ‘The Opposite.’ Prepare to bless your ears!

Because of Ryan McCartan, we know breakups aren’t the end of the world. In fact, the ending of a relationship can help you tap into a creative side you didn’t even know was there! Ahead of the release of his five song EP The Opposite, Ryan sat down with HollywoodLife to explain the inspiration behind the brilliant piece of work. “I went through a really bad breakup, and through the grieving process of that, I needed something to fall back on,” Ryan explained. “And for my entire life, art has been something I’ve fallen back on. I’m really fortunate to have art to turn misery into momentum,” Ryan continued. Following our chat, Ryan performed a few songs from the EP, and boy was he not lying. Each song was filled with such raw emotion we even caught ourselves tearing up! Take a look at the performances below!

“This new album I have coming out, it’s a five song album and each song represents a stage of grief,” Ryan added. With lyrics like “We’re like a bad, bad movie/ And my least favorite part is loopin’ on replay,” and “One night you leave me/Next night you need me/Is this what you call standing ground?” “Changed My Mind” is definitely a track everyone can relate too. Plus, Ryan’s amazing vocals make it a song you can really jam out to. Just in time for summer!

However, “He Don’t Know You,” is a little bit more on the darker side. The track is equally relatable, but speaks on the perspective one has once their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend moves on but is still playing the same old games. Nevertheless, we’re obsessed with Ryan’s new music, and you should be too! The Opposite was officially released on May 18, and we can’t stop playing it!

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