Ruth Kadiri: Actress lays curse on politicians, 'yahoo boys' involved in human rituals for success

Posted on Jun 30 2018 - 11:25am by admin

We don’t get to see celebrities do this all day as Ruth Kadiri has laid curses on politicians and ‘Yahoo Yahoo boys’ who are involved in human rituals for success.

The beautiful actress made this known on her Instagram page on Friday, June 29, 2018, where she was very straightforward about her wishes for these alleged politicians and fraudsters.

“Dear politicians, native doctors, bloodsucking ritualist, bloodsucking yahoo boys, hear me today. Except there is no God, as many of you that use any human sacrifice for the purpose of winning elections, gaining wealth and power, this period NON of you will occupy that seat or gain that wealth…and the deaths you bring upon others shall not depart from your household. In Jesus name. enough is enough,” she wrote.

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Ruth Kadiri

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Well, this table Ruth Kadiri is shaking looks very heavy and we think she has some concrete reasons for doing this.

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