Ruggedman slams babymamas, says they are shameless without morals, and dishes on his relationship status

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Rapper Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, popularly known as Ruggedman, sat for an Interview with Linda Ikeji’s blog where he disclosed that he’s vowed never to have a baby mama and that he believes any woman who decides to have a child out of wedlock is shameless and lacking morals.

He also disagreed with Eedris Abdulkareem who said that those celebrities who have baby mama are going to regret it eventually. Ruggedman opined that the only people who will regret having baby mamas are those who do not have the resources to take care of the child. He, however, said that he’ll rather adopt a child than go the baby mama route.

“I’ve never been an advocate for baby mama. One of the things I vowed in this life is never to have a child out of wedlock,” he said to Linda Ikeji’s blog.

“And, saying they will regret it depends. Because the son of a millionaire who has a baby mama definitely will not regret it, you understand? But it’s only a hustling guy who hasn’t even made any money yet, who doesn’t have any plans, those are the kind of people who at the end of the day will regret it. Bottom line, what I’m trying to say is, any guy who is well to do, who has a good job, be it in entertainment or nine to five, and you have a steady income, and you have a baby mama – at least maybe not too many, if you have one or two, fine – you should be able to take of yourself. Especially if God helps you, your baby mama is actually someone who works too. Because if you have the type of baby mama that doesn’t do any job and just looks up to you for whatever money you give her, then you’re in trouble. If a man who has a steady income has a baby mama and plans well, I don’t think he will suffer.”

He went on to criticise women who get pregnant without getting married, saying it was never obtainable in times past.

He said: “Morally, it’s not right for me, I don’t know how the younger guys are growing up these days. When I was coming up I knew a lot of good and bad. I knew a lot of dos and don’ts and it’s so unfortunate that nowadays girls get pregnant and they don’t… Back in the days, a girl will get pregnant and she’ll want to kill herself out of shame and embarrassment and all but nowadays, girls get pregnant and they really don’t care. I don’t know if I should say they are now shameless; no morals. You see a lot of girls nowadays, they have baby showers but they don’t have husbands. They’re trying to make it look as if it’s a normal thing for an unmarried female to have a baby. It is not normal. Any young girl out there listening to me, it is not the normal thing for you to get pregnant and have a child out of wedlock. It is not normal. It is shameful and it is some serious disrespect to your family. Even if your social media friends make it like it’s OK, it is not.”

When asked if he has a child somewhere that no one knows of, he laughed it off, saying: “In this day and age of social media you’ll not know? What is it we do on social media that you people don’t know? Anybody with a smartphone is a media person. Like I said, I grew up in a different era. I grew up in a time when people respected their parents, when people respected culture, when people had morals and that’s what I still maintain. Basically, I vowed not to have kids out of wedlock and I’m still holding onto that. But by God’s grace that will change soon, meaning madam will soon come, pikin will soon come. ”

He continued: “It also has to do with self-respect, protection, and respect for my woman. I’ve dated a few so many women. For me to date a woman, I respect the woman, I really like the woman and I want the best for the woman. I will not put her in a family way if she is not ready; if I am not ready. Because, let’s say your girl is in the university and you get her pregnant, she loses, tops, maybe seven months and then there’s always that stigma. Let me put it this way, maybe this is one of the reasons, most of these baby mamas who are really proud of it are not in school. Have you ever thought of that? Even if they were in school and they get pregnant, they drop out, so there’s no peer pressure because usually, back in the days, if you get pregnant while you’re in school there’s a stigma and a lot of girls don’t like it, that’s why they try to hide it or do something about it.

“But nowadays most of them are not in school so they really don’t have any of their friends who are maybe a bit more respectful, who will now tell them, look, this thing is wrong. Right now, most of them are out there on social media, having social media friends. They’re all slay queens so their fellow slay queens who are also probably baby mamas or would-be baby mamas just look at it as cool.

“You see some people holding up bride-to-be, then some are holding up baby shower. I think that’s it, they don’t have people around them to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. And most times I think they just purposely stay away from people who they know will tell them the right thing and they stay with people who just accommodate all the rubbish things they do.”

He added: “Some don’t even know who their bloody baby daddy is.”

LIB asked the 41-year-old rapper when he will get married and he said it will happen soon.

“Madam-wise, I’ve not been too lucky with madams,” he said. “A lot of women look at me and they go, ‘nice guy, nice guy, handsome guy, how can you not have a girlfriend?’ And that has been my problem.

“I was in a relationship two years ago but it turned out… Of course, I’ll not let you people know. Why will I let you people know? I keep my privates private. I’ve been single for two years. I was single for way longer. I’ve been single since Isio. The only other person I tried was this other chick and she ended up being very funny. We were on for like two years. Apparently, she had a so-called best friend who doesn’t stay in the country. I found out the best friend was a guy which I didn’t like because I don’t think the opposite sex can ever be best friends without something happening or have happened already. And then, she was now like she wants me to be cool with the best friend and I’m like, why do you want me to be cool? You don’t have tell me now. So, immediately, that just sent alarm bells ringing only for me to find out her best friend is a guy. Later on, I did more probing and found out her best friend who is a guy is her ex-boyfriend. And of course, I was the X in the equation that they had to find because I left sharply and now, they are together.

“Most of the women that I’ve met after Isio always have it at the back of their minds that I’m not taking them seriously. Even when I’m doing everything that I can to show them I’m taking them seriously. So every small thing, they’ll go ‘ehen, I said it, I said it.”

He said he once thought about having a baby mama after a friend told him he was running out of time but he decided never to go that route, instead he’ll adopt a child. He said he looks forward to having his own child with whom he goes to the park and does other fun things parents do with their kids but added that there’s time for everything.

The Abia state indigene concluded by disclosing that he recently reconnected with a lady from his past, whom he’s known for about 12, 13 years. He said they dated before and lost touch and are now talking, but once they agree on it it will not be just a “boyfriend-girlfriend issue” because they’ve known each other for a while.

“There’s someone, we just reconnected and I’m hoping and I’m praying. I’m telling you this so that she will see this and know that I’m more serious.”


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