Ruggedman has a piece of advice for men planning to marry a ‘good woman’

Posted on Mar 12 2019 - 10:31am by admin

Today on your favourite celebrities trying to be motivational speakers or relationship experts, we have the one and only Ruggedman advicing men who plan to marry a good wife.

The veteran rapper took to his Twitter page on Monday, March 11, 2019, where he adviced men who plan to marry a good wife to also be also responsible as the kind of woman they so desire.

“When you pray to marry a good wife, also pray to be a good husband! You cannot wear Designer suit with bathroom slippers. Good morning twitfam,” he tweeted. 

Trust us when we say this advice makes a whole lot of sense…what do you guys think? Don’t we all find it interesting when celebrities give out relationship advice on social media? Coming from a sector where failed relationships and marriages are very rampant. 

If you intend getting married to a ‘good woman,’ Ruggedman has a piece of advice for you [Instagram/RuggdyBaba]

Recall that about a month ago, Okey Bakassi appeared to be treading on this path when he dished out some relationship advice.

“If you do not believe that a man and woman are equal then don’t bother to marry” – Okey Bakassi says

Okey Bakassi shared his thoughts about men who plan to marry soon [Instagram/OkeyBakassi]

Just in case you are a bachelor that intends to get married soon, Okey Bakassi has a very blunt message for you which might pay off. The veteran actor and comedian shared his thoughts on his Instagram page on Monday, February 4, 2019, by posting a video. In the video, Okey Bakassi gave a break down of what an intending groom should do in other to have a blissful marriage. 

“For all the brothers who are planning to marry if you do not believe that a man and woman are equal then don’t bother to marry. If you are looking for a woman to serve and worship you, don’t marry an educated woman. If you are insecure and too jealous, don’t marry a woman who is beautiful. 

Okey Bakassi and family

“But if you are looking a woman who will give and raise beautiful children with you, take you to the next level, support you in times of need, marry a beautiful woman who is hardworking and educated and has a mind of her own. If you don’t have the right tools and the right mindset to sustain a marriage, you can learn but nor carry person daughter punish am o,” he said.

Okey Bakassi’s video might be the right message for someone right now who is thinking of walking that lady down the aisle.

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