‘Riverdale’ Recap: Jughead Meets Toni Topaz & Archie Takes Action Against The Black Hood

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Jughead makes his way over to Southside High and crosses paths with Toni Topaz on the Oct. 25 episode of ‘Riverdale.’ Is she a threat to Bughead? Plus, Archie becomes a vigilante.

Even though there’s a dangerous man on the loose, Kevin is making his way into the woods for a late night makeout session. He hears Midge’s screams after Moose is shot. That’s enough to scare anyone out of the woods forever, right? Midge was shot multiple times, but will survive. Kevin tells the terrifying story to the crew, but Betty doesn’t buy that he was just out jogging at night. Betty manages to get the real story out of Kevin when they’re alone, and she begs him not to go back into the woods. Cheryl overhears their personal conversation and now has information at her disposal. What will she do with it?

Veronica is determined that everyone meet her dad. The gang comes over to her place to watch the premiere of The Matchelorette (LOL), and Hiram makes quite the impression with Archie. Hiram is impressed with Archie wanting to take action about what’s going on in Riverdale. He asks Archie over for family dinner. This should be fun.

Jughead finally makes his grand entrance at Southside High and runs right into Toni Topaz. She gives him the lay of the land, which features the Goolies and so much jingle jangle. He says he wants to be a loner, but Toni advises him to stick with the Serpents. But Jughead Jones is a stubborn boy. He tells a few Serpent members that he’s done with them and their favors. Jughead asks one of his teachers about starting up the Red & Black newspaper again. As long as Jughead doesn’t write about gangs or jingle jangle, the teacher has no problem with it.

Archie decides to start a watch group called the Red Circle. The Coopers get a letter from the Black Hood. Alice knows the letter is legit, because the Black Hood returns Fred’s wallet and Miss Grundy’s sunglasses. The Black Hood refuses to stop bringing destruction to Riverdale. Well, Archie and Reggie aren’t going to stand by and let that happen. They end up racing across town to help Ethel when she believes someone is following her.

Cheryl has a “come to Jesus” meeting with Betty about Kevin. Betty doesn’t understand why Kevin is putting himself in danger, but Cheryl knows exactly why. Kevin wants validation and connection. He’s still very insecure with himself. Cheryl and Betty confront Kevin in the woods. Betty wants him to have more respect for himself. Kevin explains it’s not that easy. Betty’s life is picture perfect. She can do what she wants. All the time. Kevin doesn’t have her options. He tells her that if she can’t accept who he is and what he does, then they’re not really friends.

Kevin goes to see Moose at the hospital. He’s worried he’s making wrong decisions left and right, but Moose tells him it’s OK to take risks. There’s definitely a connection between Kevin and Moose. Do I sense a romance? Moose tells Kevin to come back and hang out with him. Aw!

Jughead doesn’t get off to such a good start at Southside High. He gets beat up by a pair of Goolies. He lies to Betty and says he fell off his bike. Toni backs him up. Oh, Jughead. Why?!

After Hiram overhears Hermione talking to Veronica, he warns her not to try and poison Veronica against him. Before Archie heads over to the Lodge place, Fred warns him to be careful with Hiram. After dinner, Hiram pulls Archie aside to lay down some ground rules, like no more sneaking into Veronica’s room and no hurting Veronica. He also takes some time to fuel Archie’s father about taking matters into his own friends. Hiram advises Archie to use fear as a weapon.

After getting spooked in the woods, Kevin returns home to find his father waiting for him. This father-son duo isn’t close, but Sheriff Keller wants to change that. The next day at school, Betty realizes that her relationship with Kevin isn’t in the best place anymore. Veronica asks her dad to be “in the room where it happens,” and he happily obliges. Archie records a message with the Red Circle members, while Jughead takes his place among the Serpents.

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