‘Riverdale’ Recap: Fred Fights For His Life & Someone Is Murdered

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‘Riverdale’ is back and even crazier than ever. In the season 2 premiere, Archie deals with the aftermath of Fred getting shot, Hiram Lodge arrives, and another shocking murder takes place.

The Riverdale season 2 premiere picks up moments after the season 1 finale. Archie is desperately trying to “outrace death,” as Jughead puts it, and get his father to the hospital. Archie’s letterman jacket is stained with blood. Fred’s not looking too good. He’s been brutally shot by a masked man.

Meanwhile, Betty reveals to her mom that she and Jughead nearly had sex. Alice is not happy about Jughead’s current situation with the Southside Serpents. She doesn’t want Betty getting drawn to the dark side. During their conversation, Archie calls Betty. He calls her before Veronica and Jughead. This is very, very telling. Sorry, Varchie fans. The squad races to hospital to support Archie.

Almost immediately, Alice accuses the Serpents — and by association — Jughead of possibly hurting Fred. Jughead holds his own and refuses to let Alice throw these accusations at him. Later, Sheriff Keller pulls Archie aside to talk and Jughead joins them. He wonders if the Serpents Fred let go may have retaliated out of spite. Jughead starts his investigation. Jughead meets with two Serpents, who deny they had anything to do with Fred getting shot. They offer to look into the situation for Jughead. This should be fun.

Veronica goes home with Archie so he’s not in the house alone. While Archie’s taking a shower, Veronica walks in there with him for some shower sex. She definitely takes his mind off everything that’s happening for at least a brief moment. But this solace doesn’t last long. Archie finds Veronica going through Fred’s things and freaks out after he can’t find his dad’s wallet. He starts lashing out at her and even kicks her out — twice. Veronica’s not backing down, though. She refuses to leave Archie. He appreciates that, even though he can’t tell her how he feels. But he shows her. Archie breaks down in Veronica’s arms.

Bughead. On. A. Motorcycle.

Back at the hospital, Kevin and Betty talk about what happened between Jughead and the Serpents. Kevin is in disbelief that Jughead, Mr. I’m a Weirdo, told Betty that he loved her. As much as he knows Jughead is a good guy, Kevin warns her about the Serpents. He knows first-hand how much of an influence the Serpents can have, whether you ask for it or not.

Jughead and Betty team up to try and find Fred’s wallet. Jughead’s ready to get a move on it on his motorcycle. Betty’s a little shocked at Jughead’s new ride, but she trusts him. Bughead on a motorcycle, y’all! Dreams do come true! Pop Tate tells Bughead that the shooter, whom he dubbed the “angel of death,” didn’t take any money. There’s definitely more to this story. Later, Betty reveals some of her concerns she has about the Serpents. She’s scared they’ll change him. He swears that he’s not going to become a Serpent. He may think that, but the Serpents are powerful people. Betty’s right to be afraid.

Veronica confronts her mother in the chapel and accuses her of having Fred shot. She believes Hermione is calling the shots for Hiram while he’s away. Hermione does not let Veronica get away with this disrespect. “Get back in line with this family,” she says to V. “Because you’re a Lodge before anything else.”

A Very Creepy Hiram Makes His Grand Entrance

You know who’s been eerily quiet throughout this whole situation? Cheryl Blossom. She’s got her own sh*t to deal with, though. She strolls into the hospital so calm, cool, and collected after nearly killing her mom. Cheryl tells her mom how it’s going to be from now on. She stresses that her mom say that this was just a tragic accident. If Mrs. Blossom talks, Cheryl will kill her. I love psycho Cheryl. She is a legend.

Archie is ready to tell Veronica, Betty, and Jughead what really happened when Fred got shot. “I’m so ashamed,” he says. He admits he was paralyzed was fear and couldn’t move. He wasn’t able to protect his dad or fight the guy off. “I was a coward,” Archie says. The guilt is weighing on him so much. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. When Archie goes back to the hospital, he finds Cheryl in his dad’s room. She kisses Fred’s head in a bizarre moment and says she’s paying Archie back for saving her at Sweetwater River.

Fred does wake up, after dreaming of dying in several different scenarios, which included Archie and Veronica’s wedding. Archie’s mom comes home to help Archie take care of Fred. Archie keeps watch by the door of the house with a baseball bat in his hand.

Veronica goes home and finds her mother and her father waiting for her. When Hermione tattles that Veronica drank Hiram’s Cristal, he seethes, “So disrespectful.” I’m getting some weird vibes from Hiram. The Lodge family is probably even more twisted that we ever imagined.

After Betty tells Jughead that she supports him no matter what, he walks into his trailer and finds two Serpents beating the bejeezus out of a guy. Jughead is shocked and confused at what’s going on. He didn’t ask for this. “With or without a jacket, you’re a Serpent.” Oh, boy.

The episode ends with the masked man who shot Fred going to Miss Grundy’s house and murdering her. He doesn’t even hesitate. What is this guy after? Who is he working for? I. NEED. ANSWERS!

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