‘Riverdale’ Recap: Archie’s Paranoia Worsens & Betty Threatens Cheryl

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Something’s rotten in ‘Riverdale,’ and things are only getting worse. Archie tries to deal with the aftermath of his dad getting shot, and Betty goes to great lengths to help Jughead.

Pop’s can’t get any service after the shooting. The place is being dubbed the “death diner” now. But Jughead’s not going to stand for that, and Betty’s not going to stop until this special place gets back on its feet. Meanwhile, Veronica is still trying to avoid her dad. Hiram is not a man who gets ignored, though. He refuses to let Veronica win this battle. He wants the Lodge family to stand united, but Veronica’s got a huge dose of sass in her, much more than she had the last time she saw her dad.

In the days after the shooting, Archie is beyond paranoid. He goes to Reggie for drugs to keep him awake at night. He nearly hits Jughead with a baseball bat when Jughead comes by the Andrews house to tell him that FP is facing 20 years in prison. Jughead is terrified that he’s going to lose his dad, and he’ll have no one. Jughead briefly entertains the idea of busting FP out of prison, but one of the Serpents advises Jug to find a snake to help him out. Jughead goes to a lawyer named Penny Peabody, who says FP’s deal is garbage. She says Jughead should try to get the Blossom family to forgive FP in front of a judge. When Jughead asks if he should pay Penny, all she says is that this is a favor for a favor. He’s going to have to pay up one day.

Betty and Jughead try to rally support for Pop’s. They go to Josie’s mom, but she’s staying out of it. Jughead wants her to remember this moment — this is the moment she turned her back on Pop Tate and his dad. Betty refuses to take this. Pop’s is too important to her and everyone. Pop’s is full of firsts for her. It’s where she met Veronica, Kevin, and kissed Jug for the first time.

She goes to Cheryl to ask if the Vixens can perform at an event for Pop’s. Cheryl gives Betty a hard no. The crew learns Pop’s is being sold to a big anonymous buyer, and Veronica assumes it’s her dad. Hiram swears he’s not buying the place, nor did he shoot Fred. Veronica still doesn’t trust him. Not after that note he wrote threatening Hermione. Hermione steps forward and claims she wrote the letter! She needed Veronica to testify on her behalf. Something smells fishy here…

Betty and Jughead go to visit Cheryl and her mother. Queen Cheryl has gone full Poison Ivy on them. She continues to say no to helping FP. She wants to close the darkest chapter of her life.

Archie hears the news about Miss Grundy, and he’s beyond stunned. The medical examiner tells Alice that Miss Grundy’s murder was a crime of passion. She was murdered with a cello bow. Savage. Betty’s mom doesn’t see the connection between the two cases, but there’s definitely one. Cough, Archie, cough.

Archie sees a masked man in the window outside his kitchen and tackles him. It’s Reggie. WTF? Dude, Reggie, you’re dumb. You don’t show up to Archie’s house wearing a ski mask when his dad was nearly killed by a guy WEARING A SKI MASK!

Apparently, the liquor store is buying the diner. Even though all hope seems to be lost, Betty goes to Cheryl one last time. Betty threatens that if Cheryl doesn’t help FP, then she’ll release the video of Cheryl’s dad killing Jason. Cheryl quickly takes the deal and calls Betty a “stone cold bitch.” That’s high praise coming from Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl testifies on FP’s behalf just like she promised.

At Retro Night, Betty is determined to make everything work out. Josie comes over and freaks that Betty posted about a free Pussycats performance without her permission. Valerie’s out with a virus, so Cheryl offers to step in. The Pussycats plus Cheryl sing an amazing rendition of Kelis’s “Milkshake” on top of the diner.

Hermione and Hiram show up to the diner to show support. They all agree this can be a new beginning for the family. Hiram and Hermione make a donation, but they actually own the entire diner. Hiram thanks Hermione for saying she wrote the letter. These two are so weird. Meanwhile, Betty’s mom catches Reggie’s dealing drugs. Ruh roh.

Later, Cheryl shows her mom the video of her dad and Jason. Cheryl is the definition of a savage. God, I love her. FP calls Jughead freaking out about Penny. He makes Jughead promise he won’t contact her again. “You don’t want to be in bed with a snake charmer,” FP says to his son. Archie meets up with Dilton Doyle to get his own gun. Boy, he’s going to need it. The masked man shoots two people making out in a car during the night!

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