Review: Flavour, Semah Weifur give it all to God on “Divine” EP

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 5:36pm by admin

EP – “Divine”
Artist – Semah, Flavour
Record Label – 2nite Music (2018)
Duration – 29 minutes

Charity is rare in the music industry. Stories of the art departing from the pursuit of money and influence, to actually changing lives via human kindness are rare. The music industry is a cut-throat game, a theatre of ruthless capitalism with very few engaging in any venture which doesn’t improve the bottom-line.

That’s why Flavour’s work with Semah G. Weifur is special. The novelty of charity is very much alive in Nigeria. In 2015, during a peace mission in Liberia, he met a young blind fan who knew his music deeply, had a special voice, and could sing like an angel. Immediately, he swung into action, making the boy’s dream of being an artist come through.


Semah was featured on ‘Most High’, a record off his critically acclaimed “Ijele (The Traveler)” album. That song had a video, and even at that, it is considered enough.

But the story doesn’t end at that. Flavour and Semah continued to explore that relationship, exploring past the ‘single’ phase. It’s become an EP, a 7-track faith-based inspirational project titled “Divine.” For much of Nigeria, charity comes from a godly place, and this EP is a tribute to that.

Via 7 tracks of pure praise, reflections and uplifting music, Semah and Flavour exude chemistry; the master and the prodigy taking up an idea and whipping it through melodies littered with truth and praise.

“Thank God say man no be God…I come from West Africa, Liberia…I’m blind today, I can see tomorrow. I’m poor today, I’ll be rich tomorrow,” he sings, living his truth via thanksgiving.


Traditional praise grooves switch to solemn worship instrumentation with silky transitions in between. A standout here is the Latino production on ‘Turn by turn’, a conscious single about living life with hope and diligence. It’s a good project, one to edify, entertain, and rejuvenate your spirit, and lead you to God.

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