Remainers fury over Brexit fuelled by CONTEMPT for working classes – report

Posted on Dec 25 2018 - 11:35am by admin

Brexiteer and historian Robert Tombs said his academic group called Briefings for Brexit has unearthed evidence that those protesting most vehemently over Britain’s EU referendum result have nothing but scorn for the nation’s largely white working class, and the fact their decision has so clearly shaped the future of the country. Mr Tombs says Remainers are motivated by “identity politics” and associate Brexit with the working class and are arrogantly taking their fury out on Leave campaigners because they simply cannot get over the fact those deemed insignificant by comparison have carved out the UK’s future without them. He contends this superiority complex is the real reason behind the “Remainer Revolt”, rather than any real love for Brussels. Mr Tombs told the Daily Telegraph: “Hard-line Remainers… have been and are willing to push their campaign beyond legitimate politics as previously understood. “First, they have encouraged foreign authorities to resist the policy of the UK, and have thereby done much to sabotage that policy.

“Second, they have attempted to de-legitimise legal votes, using arguments that would take us back 150 years and more – essentially, that ordinary people are incapable of taking a major national decision and that they must therefore be overruled.”

He added: “We have noted that civil servants detest disruption. We have suggested that the issue has become one of ‘identity politics’, with vehement Remainers motivated less by affection for the EU than by contempt for those they think support Brexit – above all the white working class.”

Mr Tombs goes on to refer to hard-line Remainer Matthew Parris, who in an interview with pro-EU magazine The Spectator compared Brexiteers with a “mob”.

Mr Tombs said: “The penny dropped when I read the vocal Remainer and former MP Matthew Parris in the latest Spectator.

“For him, Brexit means ‘trusting the people’: ‘I don’t,’ he writes. ‘Never have and never will.’ Rejecting the idea of ‘an unseen bond between parliament and people’, he sees its job as curbing ‘the instincts of the mob’. The enlightened elite must govern by subterfuge if necessary.”

He added: “The Remain-Leave debate is no longer primarily about the EU, if it ever was. It has become, as Parris disarmingly admits, about who governs, and by what right.”

Prime Minister Theresa May is still urging the EU to scrap the Irish backstop in her original deal, which triggered a vote of no confidence.

She won the vote and will remain in her position, though vowed not to see the Conservative Party through the next General Election.

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