Remainer no deal Brexit fears surge as Labour MPs may reject Corbyn no-confidence vote

Posted on Jul 3 2019 - 7:17am by admin

Meanwhile senior Labour MP John Mann, a Brexiteer who voted for outgoing PM Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement three times said up to 30 colleagues could vote for a deal that resembles that secured by Mrs May or abstain.

One MP in the Mr Corbyn led party who voted against the deal all three times it was presented to the Commons told The Sun: “If it bore any semblance to Mrs May’s deal, I’d vote for it in a heartbeat.”

She added at least ten of her colleagues would vote for it with another dozen prepared to abstain.

The bill was defeated 432-202 (230 votes) in January, the largest defeat the sitting Government had received since Labour PM Ramsey MacDonald lost a vote on dropping criminal proceeding against the editor a Communist weekly newspaper by 166 votes in October 1924.

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The final vote on Mrs May’s deal lost 344-286 (58 votes) in March after a second vote earlier in the month lost by 149 votes.

Lisa Nandy, former Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said she would be prepared to vote for the deal as long as either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt follow through on Mrs May’s workers’ rights pledge: “If that deal were put on the table through the Withdrawal Agreement Bill I would do – as I said we should just before Theresa May resigned – and vote for it at second reading in order to thrash out the details at a later date because there are still outstanding concerns.”

Miss Nandy voiced her frustration that the process was still dragging on three years after the vote to exit the European Union but said she would rather vote to revoke Article 50 than leave without a deal.

A total of 498 MPs voted to trigger Article 50 in 2017, a majority of 384.

Miss Nandy voted to allow Mrs May to give notification of the intention to leave the European Union.

The next Conservative leader will be announced on July 24 after a ballot of party members.

Both Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson have said they would leave the EU without a deal if necessary.

The former London Mayor Mr Johnson has set October 31 as a hard deadline, warning his party they will face “extinction” if Brexit is delayed further but Foreign Secretary Mr Hunt says he would be prepared to delay by a few days if a good alternative deal was in sight.

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