'Remain has gone full throttle and it's made NO difference' Hannan mocks with Brexit poll

Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 2:50pm by admin

The poll by YouGov asked the British public if we were right or wrong to have voted leave on June 23 2016.

Tweeting results showed 44 per cent backed the Leave vote compared with the 45 that opposed it, the market research firm was met with backlash from the MEP, who was one of the first to throw his weight behind the Leave campaign.

He tweeted: “Leave shut up shop 19 months ago. Remain has continued full throttle ever since. It has made no difference.”

Mr Hannan’s response was met with widespread acclaim from his fellow Twitter users.

Malcolm Hill replied: “Brexit a vote for positivity, Remain a vote for negativity.”

Ken Spencer added: “Right to leave.”

Mark Frost said: “Speaking for myself, I would much rather be ‘British’ than ‘European’.”

But others were quick to add that only 1,622 Brits took part in the poll, with data collected over just two days.

Alastair Dick said: “Never got asked as a YouGov member, must have a word.”

Martin Williams added: “Nor me.”

Mr Hannan’s tweet comes days after he hit back at the EU for being difficult over the future of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

In an interview on BBC’s Newsnight, the Conservative politician slammed those who said the UK must accept a visible hard border between the two nations or a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

Highlighting the situation’s absurdity, he said: “You know, this is not the 19th century where we have moustachioed customs officers in peaked caps with epaulettes peering into your bags.”

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