Rebekah Vardy reveals she CANCELLED daughter's school trip to London over terrorism fears – as she opens up about vile trolls

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 5:44pm by admin
Rebekah VardyRebekah Vardy admitted she stopped her daughter going into London after the terror attacks[Rocky/]

Jamie Vardy’s wife admitted she “didn’t feel comfortable” with the 12 year old heading into the city amid warnings an attack could be likely.

However, she revealed her daughter, from a previous relationship, was not pleased with her actions.

Speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live, the mum of four explained: “My 12-year-old has recently started watching the news more and more, and the schools are speaking to the children about what to do in certain situations.

Rebekah Vardy revealed her daughter was ‘furious’ with her[Rebekah Vardy/Instagram]

“And if I’m 100 per cent honest I’ve actually pulled her out of a trip recently to go into the centre of London because I didn’t feel comfortable with what the plans were and where they were going, which she is absolutely furious with me over. 

“But that’s a decision I have made and I will live with that,” she added.

Rebekah also opened up about the amount of abuse she gets on social media, following her relationship with Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy.

Rebekah Vardy and Jamie Vardy head to Joe Hart's 30th Birthday PartyRebekah Vardy and husband Jamie have faced their share of abuse[Flynet]

And she is hopeful that by speaking out about trolls, she can encourage others to do the same.

“I never actually wanted to be in the limelight, but there were so many things written that weren’t true that I had to come out from behind my four walls and actually explain to people what the truth was,” she continued.

“I have been called a gold digger, a s**g, you’re ugly, you’re disgusting.”

Rebekah Vardy opened up about their trolls[Rebekah Vardy/Instagram]

When asked if she had ever considered coming off of social media, the 35 year old replied: “Absolutely not. And I think the people who tell you you need to shut your social media down – you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that –  are part of the problem.

“[Jamie] is incredibly calm – he deals with abuse really well sometimes better than I do. He doesn’t get frustrated by it. 

“He just channels it when he’s on the pitch, and when people are hurling abuse I think he thrives off it sometimes.”  

Rebekah Vardy The Beauty Awards with OK! and Debenhams Beauty Club red carpetRebekah Vardy has vowed not to come off social media[Wenn]

“We need to stop saying you shouldn’t be on social media if you don’t like it or brushing it off as harmless freedom of speech or banter.  It’s not. It’s really, really damaging especially to the new generation coming through on social media.” 

But Rebekah is adamant she will not become more private with her updates.

She added: “When we are out with the family, people will take pictures of us with the kids and it’s something that you can’t control, but the pictures of the children I put out, I can control.”

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