Real reason I parted ways with Fela -Duro Ikujenyo

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consistent with a file with the aid of solar news Former Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s pianist, Duro Ikujenyo, has spread out on the reasons why he parted ways with the late Afrobeat legend in the early ‘ line with Kujenyo, he left Fela having realised that he may no longer play Afrobeat with out first getting a robust knowledge of jazz music and play it.

Hear him: “I left Fela as a result of I realised I may now not play Afrobeat with out first getting a robust knowledge of jazz song and the right way to play it. There was once this American called Frank, an alto saxophonist who got here to Nigeria for his PhD. He was once playing at Jazz 38 and he introduced a number of books including one known as ‘the true ebook’, which he gave me. it’s about jazz standards with their musical notions.

“as a result of I studied tune I could interpret lots of the issues. You see, the true reason why I left Fela was once because as a member of Egypt 80, I was very limited. Fela had been jazz and classical pianist, and everything, prior to he began enjoying Afrobeat, so he had a wealthy repertoire of concepts. I was stuck in the groove. I couldn’t even improvise on any of Fela’s songs. I used to be just taking part in whatever Fela gave me, so after 4 or 5 years, I knew I needed to leave.

“I realised that if I had to play Afrobeat, I would have to learn about jazz tune. That used to be how I began enjoying jazz even in Fela’s house. I used to head to Jazz 38 but it used to be not sufficient. So, ultimately, I had to go back to my parents with a view to advance the method for jazz and it took me 10 years to advance it.”  

Ikujenyo hooked up with the late Afrobeat maestro at a tender age of 17 within the mid-‘70s. He used to be a pioneering member of Fela’s adolescence motion, young African Pioneers (YAP). He played with Fela for many years and used to be at the forefront of the motion when Fela invaded Dodan Barracks in 1979 with his mum’s coffin.

Ikujenyo would go on to play piano for Fela and tour extensively with him ahead of finally parting ways with the Egypt eighty Band within the early ‘80s.

to date, Ikujenyo has released 4 albums, and to mark his 60th birthday prior within the yr, he released any other album entitled, ‘Tribute To The Masters’.

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