Rak-Su’s Myles Stephenson: ‘Simon Cowell is scarier than a 70,000 Soccer Aid crowd’

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After winning X Factor 2017, Myles Stephenson thinks playing in this Sunday’s Soccer Aid is a breeze compared to auditioning for Simon…

Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent, 6 June 2017

Rak-Su walked away as winners of The X Factor 2017 and as two members of the group Myles Stephenson and Ashley Fongho prepare to go head to head in Unicef’s Soccer Aid on Sunday, Myles tells us he’s faced worse.

Speaking to us during the training day, held at Motspur Park training ground, London, Myles, 26, tells us training alongside both celebrities and professional footballers have been an eye opener.

He said, ‘Maintaining a good health is always good in life. For me, I have to dance and it was a shock to my system going out there today because it’s a totally different kind of fitness. But it does help.’

But when it comes to walking out to 70,000 people on the pitch at Old Trafford, Manchester this Sunday [June 10], his nerves will be nothing compared to those he felt when auditioning in front of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne for the ITV reality show.

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When asked if he is more scared than he was facing Simon Cowell, he says, ‘No. That was scarier. There is nothing worse than going up in front of Simon Cowell when there is just four people siting there. for me it’s more daunting going up to less people than more people, for instance when we had to go out to do an audition, it’s very intimate, you have to look people in the eyes, and it’s a lot harder and that’s when the nerves kick in.’

Rak-Su have been busy in the studio working on new material, and with football anthems set to ring out in the Theatre of Dreams, we asked whether Rak-Su would ever like to record a World Cup/ football song.

He tells us, ‘Yes. Why not, we want to take over the world. It’s coming,’ before teasing, ‘We might have a FIFA song’ and when asked whether this was true, he appeared to confirm with a nod. A football song – we can’t wait!

So have they bumped into Cheryl since her visit to the X Factor studios? Myles spills, ‘Cheryl is a lovely person, she speaks a lot of sense, she knows the industry well and we met her at Naughty Boy’s studio, she’s working on a project and we was working upstairs in another session. She speaks a lot of sense so it’s good to pick the brains of someone of so longevity.’

And have they had chance to work together?

Myles tells us, ‘No not yet…’

And if you wondered how the other members feel about Myles and Ashley landing a place in the squads, Myles explains, ‘They’re happy for us that me and Ashley get the chance to play at the theatre of dreams. Me and Ashley have grown up playing football and watching football. Jamaal’s a basketball player, obviously coming from Barbados his first sport was cricket and tennis so yeah they’re happy and Mustafa doesn’t really play football.’

To buy tickets for Soccer Aid for Unicef match at Old Trafford on Sunday 10th June 2018, please visit www.manutd.com/socceraid or call 0161 444 2018. Calls will be charged at your local rate.

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