Pulse Staff Pick: 10 most annoying movie/TV characters

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Pulse Staff Pick 10 most annoying movie/TV characters

Most TV shows and movies have that one character created simply for the purposes of getting on your nerves.

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Tariq is one of the most annoying characters on TV play

Tariq is one of the most annoying characters on TV

Most time, there’s always that character that you hate so much and can’t wait to shove your hand in their face.

There have been so many annoying characters in movies and TV series, and Pulse Staff has decided to round up some of the most annoying characters on both the big and small screen.

Check them out:

1. Baba Suwe

Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe



Baba Suwe’s character of a troublesome, foul-mouthed old gateman/chef/driver/whatever was such an overflogged horse.

The character was literally flogged till it became leather.

2. Lori – The Walking Dead

Walking Dead’s Lori is an annoying character on TV


There’s her countless terrible and selfish decisions, and then the temper tantrums – Lori was just a whiny bundle of a character.

She was disloyal and was constantly complaining and grumbling for stupid reasons. Even during her pregnancy days, she still found a way to get on people’s nerves.

3. Tariq – “Power”

Tariq is an annoying TV character


Tariq seemed like a normal kid at the beginning of the series, but he gradually evolved into the most annoying character on “Power,” or perhaps, even on TV.

He is always off getting into trouble, rude to his parents, makes horrible decisions; this character was created to give viewers eye rolling and angry moments almost every episode.

4. KK Shanana – “Riddles and Hope”

Apart from the fact that he was an annoying bully, he was also an arrogant boss – perfect recipe for an annoying character.

5. Okon – Okon movie series

Imeh Bishop Umoh

(Royal Arts )

In the process of trying to make Okon seem like an uncultured hilarious character, the writer, more often than not, tries too hard.

At the end, viewers are left with an annoyingly monotonous character.

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